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  • Hi guys its harmless and I was just wondering what I should buy for my ninja my budget is 5k and I was just wondering what bosses I should stay away from as a ninja. What gear I should buy, If I should 8/8 and if its worth it, What I should use it for and what not to use it for thanks much love - Harmless

  • @Harmless ninja is squishy af.


    doku no ken murderous shuriken hydra skin armor ring of the pyramid

    midnight star is shit imo, anything you can actually hit with it is slow enough to hit without paralysis anyways

    uses for ninja: going sanic fast
    rekting events (specifically koob pent and skull)
    godlands fun with wavebreaker
    and uh... avoid getting hit by bullets
    8/8 definitely worth it no ragrets

    then again i don't regret 6/8ing a knight so take my advice with a grain of salt

  • My set rn is doku no ken, muderous shuriken, csilk and exa hp.
    Everytime i play him I want to die.
    I DO NOT want to die when I just sanic around the desert. I will paly nija until I get sanic head I guess


    @astranite get wavebreaker

    not having to aim at all is fun

  • 27

    Doku, dcircle, hydra and exa hp set is cheap as hell and it's actually pretty good, you can do a lot of shi* with this set. Then just buy pots.

    Another reason to play ninja is that you can buy pretty decent set for 1k or less.

    But how Whatthi said, You can buy wavebreaker, doku, murderous, hydra and pyra.

    In my opinion it's better to buy a UBHP, because ninja is really, really fragile and he does a lot of damage already, so Pyra isn't as useful as UBHP, but it's all about you.
    Both rings are pretty good.

  • A Waste of Matter

    Don't play Ninja.

    Best tip you'll ever get.

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