Pringle's Halloween Poetry Contest

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    Hello! Welcome to my first ever lil' contest!

    Nothing too big, but I thought it'd be fun to do!


    The rules are simple!

    [1] Make a spooky poem!
    [2] Include your IGN!
    [3] Have it in some way be related to Nilly's Realm!

    Disclaimer: Rule #3 can be as small as mentioning Nilly or one of the admins/mods, to as big as revolving the entire poem around it. However, you must still include it to get access to the givaway. Also, the poem doesn't have to be focused on trying to be scary. I just put 'spooky' in the title for fun! You can do what ever you want, just keep it halloween focused.

    I will be picking my 3 favorite, and will be judging it by on it's: Grammar, Style, Uniqueness, Humor, and Rythem. The #1 winner will get the prize. The winners will be announced soon after October 31st. 2nd and 3rd will not get a prize, but I do like me some honorable mentions!

    Quick Q&A:

    • (Q) What's the prize?

    [A] A Pizza Ring!

    • (Q) Can I use premade poems on the internet?

    [A] I would pefer that you did not. I can't stop you, though.

    • (Q) How long does the poem need to be?

    [A] Could range from 4 lines up to multiple stanzas. However, I'll more likely pick the long ones!

    • (Q) Can we submit multiple poems?

    [A] Yes, you can! Each user is limited to two poems that you can edit at any time. You can freely change your poem(s) up until OCTOBER 31st.

    • (Q) What about Rap?

    [A] Go ahead, however, I will not be using any beat to go with your rap (even if you include it with a link) so I'll still judge it as if it were a poem.

    • (Q) That prize is small and it sucks.

    [A] This is supposed to be just a little fun side thing. I'm planning on a bigger contest later once I hit 1000 rep.

    0_1477207848939_Pringle'sEnemy.png Happy Halloween, Nilly's Realm!

  • Idea may have been copied off my contest
    EDIT: Upboated because of last qna answer

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    @astranite You did remind me that I wanted to do a contest recently.

    I'm a huge fan of poetry, and I've made quite a few NR poems. Thanks for the reminder. If there's one thing I love to do, it's read poems.

  • @Pringle And make them I guess, Your club Razzle Dazzle was, if I do say so myself, pretty fucking good

  • 🏤 Forum Citizens 🏡

    Demons are red,
    Chocolates are brown,
    If I were to be scary,
    I'd be a clown.

    Speaking of clowns, where is nilly?
    What if they took him, that would be silly!
    Don't be worried, I'm sure he's fine,
    Not relax and enjoy, your Halloween Time!
    IGN: Jmn :D

    Wait. Does this work?q

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    @Justin137 Yeah that works.

  • 🏤 Forum Citizens 🏡

    @Pringle had to fix it multiple times, since it didn't match the related to nillys realm rule.

  • Ostroch Prophet

    I walked into my mother and father doing it in bed.
    I swore to myself that wouldn't have happened if Harambe was dead.
    We miss you Harambe, come haunt us this year.
    We want to see your manly nips more than ghouls this year.
    So Harambe came forth with my ghost summoning ritual,
    His life force was so strong that it felt so spiritual.
    He then told me to go get him some bananas.
    I told him we were out of 'em, so he went bananas.
    Thus is the story of how I will get killed next week,
    If you read this poem, this will happen to you too, just wait and see.

    (Ik know it's not related to nillys,Idek just did it for fun)

  • 27


    Have it in some way be related to Nilly's Realm!

    Not sure if you missed this thing.

  • Ostroch Prophet

    @mustaqo said in Pringle's Halloween Poetry Contest:

    (Ik know it's not related to nillys,Idek just did it for fun)

  • Detective

    It was at night and I was free.
    All then a two langolier chasing behind me.
    I pass through the forest and run across the sea.
    Refusing to look before me.
    I run out of energy, seeking for rest.
    Find the greyback wolf sleeping on his chest.
    I take breaths in ease and little to no sound.
    Instead a watch few bunnies dance around.
    The bunnies run by Mr. Wolf giving chase.
    I move to the lake
    I look for drink
    I see the water drain like a sink.
    A hermit god is there standing before me.
    He wraps his tentacle refusing to set me free.
    I stab a tentacle running to flee.
    I must go back home, I mustn't stay.
    I hear a whisper run
    I run.




    I run to my house.
    I seek sleep and a nap.
    Hopefully this dreadful night will end.
    I turn off the lantern and I sleep asound.
    I then hear a whisper through my ear
    You can't run

    Ign: ItsThatGuy

    @Pringle mind to give a rating?

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    Cute. :P

    (5/10 being good)
    7/10 "Pretty cool!"

    +1 I like that you're telling a story with your poem.
    From how it's wrote, I'm assuming it's more of a rap due to the short lines and change of rythem.
    +/- 0 A few typos. [Not too much to negatively affect your submission.]
    +/- 0 Some lines feel a tad' forced. [Still not too much to negatively affect your submission]
    +1 Spooky and and Nilly's Realm related, along with being decently lengthy.

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    And so the knight raised his sword,
    Striking with courage without fearing,
    Trying to save what he loves,
    From the devil's cruel hands.

    (Idk if this is a poem, because i never wrote one in english).
    The knight(to obvious no?),
    What he loves(his friends) and
    The Devil(Oryx). They are on wine cellar.

    IGN: lLindowl

  • Wiki Editor

    Wait, @Pringle, can some stuff come from prod, not just NR? Have stuff related to prod, not here .-.

    [bad wording, sorry]

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @Creeper I mean, sure I guess some stuff could come from prod. Seeing as they both are alike, I guess I can give it a pass.

  • Wiki Editor

    @Pringle Alright, cool then. That's was just a curious question, doubting if my poem even has any in it xddd

    IGN: Creepsteam (you should already know this xdd)

    I was just an ordinary ninja, wandering around during the night,
    the moon appearing to be quite bright.
    I can finally see some of the graves in the cemetary tonight,
    just a bunch of gravestones, didn't strike much fright.

    Suddenly, a hand shot straight out of the ground,
    even with my great hearing, didn't hear anything, not a single sound.
    Soon, the grass started trembling a brown-ish color and the moment when I turn around,
    a zombie wielding a Skullsplitter Sword rose, an undead Knight of the Round.

    Had to brutally cleave his head off with my katana, that was the only way to kill them,
    but then some thing popped up: a little stem.
    Thought it was a little plant growing, but it turned out to bloom into a gem,
    Out in the forest within the cemetary was Belladonna; she and the horde wanted to fight, but I couldn't give it to them.

    I used the power of my shuriken to flee,
    and then I backed myself behind a tree.
    Stood there with the glimmering sword from the zombie in my hand with glee.
    Thought I could sell this off for some profit, something whispered "haha, in your dreams".

    A reaper from Hell rose from the sword,
    its spirit came from the skull where it was stored.
    He pointed at the numerous zombies, every character in the horde,
    He said: "You failed to clear the horde there, well, here's your reward" and beheaded me, my soul seeing all of the gore.

    I've always wanted profit, guess it's all a dream.
    I never get rich, as it seems.
    However, the same sword from my dream was laying next to my window letting off steam,
    wondering what was it doing there, possibly a scheme?

    I dunno, Pringle, rating? cx

  • IGN: JasBags

    Pally Ghost:
    Today my Pally died.
    I could do nothing more than cry.
    All the whites and memories
    still twisting in my head.
    All the while I sobbed
    and stared at the wall from my bed.
    Your spirit, though, lives on,
    And your sprite still hasn't gone.
    You rest easy now in a dungeon somewhere,
    Killing all the enemies and giving them a scare.
    I miss you sometimes, Pally.
    More than you can know.
    But I can check my graveyard,
    Your image still remains.
    Won't you please come scare with me,
    This coming Halloween day?

  • Asylums are evil my pants are brown , mainly after i look at nilly's clown

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    Where's mine that I posted??????????

  • Wiki Editor

    @Pyrouge I think there was a forum crash that killed your poem. Rip.

  • Member Of The Mafia

    It is related.. RIP Harambe server kappa

  • Famous Forumers

    Here's my poem:

    Fuck you damn uncreative mind :(

  • ☭☭Noah's Ark☭☭

    Scream Scream
    Cream on my bean
    Monsters are scary
    My great great grandfathers name is harry
    Goblins are green
    The kardashians are mean
    Noah is a stupid cunt
    Hey my dude, Pass the blunt
    As Noah finished typing this he forgot about the related to NR
    Nevermine i dont like to smoke grime
    Give me bmmer weed
    or oryx will be named Grammer Sheen
    Sheen Sheen
    Why can I suck your Keen


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    Some uh... interesting poems you guys got going on.

    1. playing nillys realm,
      Wants to make me film,
      this gameplay...
      But no need to apply...
      I just need an account...
      thank god i dont need to count.
      Getting into nexus, into nexus...
      But then halloween nexus catches me off guard,
      Whats more i dont have any protection guard on me, but why the hell would i want that?
      All i want is to play on DAB like rachel's server, but am t00 sp00ked to do so...
      S00n i will play when the ghosts and spirits are gone, because im being watched,
      Over by the asylum statues in the nexus,
      And a frkin giant pumpkin, and the location of everything
      So decided to go to birbs, no difference, but more people.
      'FULL' the server says,
      And im like kay,
      Put in a queue,
      but not getting killed.
      There are so many more people in there.
      At least i am safe now...

    GOD IM SO BAD, i wanna delete this post but i wan win something in my life :3, though im probs not gonna win. You guys can see how bad i really am in poems, @Typhoon can prove that im bad at the game too.

    1. QuestMax

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