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    I'm trying to present a speech on why gambling should be legalized, but for some reason am having trouble with the outline.
    What I have so far~

    1. It's a legal pain in the butt.

      a. Botched prosecution cases on Oahu.
      b. Skill vs. Chance distinction is blurry.

    2. Illegal.

    a. Only choice is to fly to vegas or gamble illegally.
    b. No regulation or protection of any sort for players.

    1. State income lost.

    a. Non gambling taxable revenue lost.

    b. Income tax lowered.

    Does this seem okay? I'm insecure, so I'd like a second opinion. (Best feedback wins a prize of some sort).

  • Wake me up inside

    Gambling where should be legalized? A certain country? The whole world? Context?

    Scanning through the points, i don't see why 2 is a reason why gambling should be legalized. Then again, i need the context.
    Edit: so what if they have to fly to vegas? Doesn't justify the need to legalize gambling. And so what if it is legalized? Does the country have the revenue or the place to build a casino? Will it affect the safety of people?

    Also why are you asking about college work here lol. Oh whale.

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    I think he's just doing it for the fun of doing it.

    It's like debating the league of nations in history.

    Probably a college project.

    1. probably is about the mere fact that it's illegal is causing problems.

  • For two part a: Vegas is just a big place known for gambling and there are small gambling places you can go to if you look for them just about in any state and the lottery is another way to gamble so it is easy to do it . I'm only in eighth grade so yeah

  • Lovecraft

    @milktea ur country has online gambling legalized

  • Lovecraft

    @Naia i feel that having legalize gambling will allow police/authorities to control it more and make sure it dosent go out of hand or it isnt controlled by crmininals

  • Wake me up inside

    coughs 4 principles of governance

  • Lovecraft

    @milktea coughs we r from same country xd

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