My first item idea

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    Name: Boshy Gun
    Description: It was Boshy Time
    Tier: UT
    Shots: 5
    Damage: 0
    Range: 16
    Rate of Fire: 50%
    Fame Bonus: 5%
    Effect: Shots hit multiple targets, shots pass through obstacles.
    Drops from Boshy at a rate of 1 in a white bag
    Why: just to fuck with people.


    u dumb xd
    How to fix it?
    Rate of fire:500%
    If dat gunna be added rip nilly by milti xd

  • Banned

    I mean that much stat buff would cause so much lag, do everything like Boshy only make it do negative damage. It'll heal the enemy while you're teammates are trying to kill it ;D

  • @hurrrdurrr nice idea should be added

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