What niche are katana's missing

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    I have a katana sprite but it needs to fill a niche, what niche still needs to be filled for the ninja?

    0_1477489862575_Screenshot 2016-09-24 at 7.16.59 PM.png

  • Maybe chest katana? I know it sounds stupid but Idk any others

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    So what like multiple shots at close range and ok damage?

  • Something like ep? Huger damage and super close range, Kinda like the new katana in prod

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    I can't use Realm Eye right now so I wouldn't know but yeah I can do that

  • It has zero range but has the highest base damage in game. It's like a mine layer

  • I love the sprite but it looks like firestorm dagger and zsaber combined so maybe a very op weapon like boshy gun but not as good? Maybe like a high rof 3 shot zsaber with buffed damage and an extremely low drop rate.


    it ur different sprite?
    I think im see this katana somewhere

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    @HibiscusSorc I was thinking:

    Name: Molten Katana
    Description: Something . . .
    Damage: 535-745
    Range: 0.1
    RoF: 115%
    Shots: 1
    Fame : 8% (Not really used when you're going to die and it's rare so people won't be suiciding with it really)
    Bag: White
    Rate: 1/1250
    Boss: Shaitan the Advisor
    Dungeon: Shaitans Lair or whatever it is
    Feed Power: 1750
    Suggested Price: 4,750 Fame

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    @maksimUT said in What niche are katana's missing:

    it ur different sprite?
    I think im see this katana somewhere

    I am Ashryver, on the Account Ashryver I posted this sprite.

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    @TurtleBat Tear into my sprite, I know it needs more work

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    @SEXUAL-AF Personally Im not a fan of the floating particles but thats just my opinion.

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    @LagoonZz your opinion is wrong. I like it :D

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