Weird fame achievements on legends

  • Hey guys, I just found kinda weird things on legends, as shown below:


    The main reason that I considered this strange, is all the account has an achievement of "Boots on the Ground".
    If I'm right, it means the character hadn't teleported until the death.
    How can these possible? Earning over 5k base fame making total fame of 20k+ without a TELEPORT?
    You know how the command /gland includes teleportation?
    It doesn't make sense to me when the character can't have an easy access to gods, which simply means hard to get fame.

    I have an another evidence supporting these fame farming looks weird. Here we go:

    These are definitely suicide intention - killed by pirate mobs? even beginners don't get rekt by them :(
    As you guys see, a number of 0/8s died simultaneously. It gives a possible situation of multibox.

    Well, that was what I wondering about, please don't hesitate to express your opinions. I'd like to see how people think about this :)

  • there were fame glitches a little while back in asylums i believe, thousands of base fame earned

  • @AustinJV oh, is it related to asylum dungeons? I've only heard about OA fame glitch so far.

  • Lovecraft

    Oxygen is selling 100k fame after this.
    Not related.
    Also him knowing best fame gain method and having acess to op account + megablaster is not related too.
    Hint hint...

  • Eat Bananas

    5_1477565853047_nice meme.png
    22205+23178+23598+27150 = 96131

    22205 total fame. Darq = BlaksRGros

    23178 total. Eendi = Howtomulti

    23598 total. Rayr = FuckNegroe

    3 days ago. maybe orbit


    this is my priest. 9264 base, 13362792 tiles seen.
    but what? 4989 base 73429 tiles seen? Wow.

  • Donor

    Pretty sure it's Oxygen.
    Also pretty sure it's disgusting as fuck.

  • Lovecraft

    See this
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    milti buy boshy someone and forget who has boshygun.
    He said middleman was knorrex

    alt text

    See paypal send Boshygun money email Loya.j
    And oxygen paypal email Loya.jonah
    Why oxygen take Boshygun money?

    I think Some admin make items like Boshygun, Firestorm, Kid cape and give someone.
    And someone selling that item for cash

    I ask to Dr.peanut this Suspicions at discord but no answer 4hours and logout

    I have doubt Dr.Peanut related this happening

  • Lovecraft

    The fall of nillys realm has begun

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @Typhoon Or just a hard period(as the massive hacker attack).

  • Donor

    I thought the entire point of items being soulbound was so that they could not be traded.
    Yet here we have admins just gifting them as if they're tradable.
    I also thought admins didn't support RWT?

    I'm really wondering if Nilly knows that this shit was happening, he should demote everyone that was involved as far as I'm concerned.

  • Lovecraft

    @hurrrdurrr and at least, if admin have tranferred sb item while doing big trades, HE SHOULD ANSWER WHO WAS ORIGINAL OWNER

    Who is the original owner?

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    Have we changed from discussing the fame to boshy gun purchases?

  • Lovecraft

    @hurrrdurr from the point of security, sb trade with big money is understandable(i think).
    So i haven't thought that is strange , till yesterday, but if there isn't original owner, it is apparently strange happening.

  • This indeed is strange.
    Rip market

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @Nicolelynnn said in Weird fame achievements on legends:

    This indeed is strange.
    Rip nilly's realm

    Fixed it for ya

  • i thought bgun was soulbound

  • Donor

    @GiraRay It is, the way they 'traded' the bgun is by dropping is on one account and an admin gifting it back on the other.

  • 27

    Pretty sure what happened is oxygen/milti multiboxed or something in order to get the other accounts to follow but not shoot. Then used the bgun/megablaster (depends on who did it) to fame farm and then suicided the chars in order to make much moneys.

    Just a theory, no h8 m8

  • A Waste of Matter

    I generally don't see what happened as an issue, as long as it doesn't happen again.

    It created stability for the market, so i think we can just leave it at that. :P

    That's what i got to say. :P

  • Lovecraft

    Just letting you know guys, Orbit = Oxygen

  • It cannot be BillyPup.

    BillyPup was a guildie of mine on Everlasting Destiny, then he went to another guild, however, he still recognizes me as a friend of his, and i doubt he has PayPal, heck, he didn't even want to sell his account.

    However Oxygen and Milti act very strange, also the fact Knorrex may be giving OP Items to these two.

    First it was the SpiritH account that Oxygen was selling, oddly enough, that account had both FireStorm and Kid Cape, and when someone asked him about it, he replied something like "the account already had the cape, then some friend of mine used the account and got firestorm, crazy right?", then people started to make assumptions that Knorrex gave that FireStorm away.

    Then Kled, the "supposed" hacker, when i asked him jokingly "Go hack Oxygen" he replied something like "nah he's my fam", Oxygen is really suspicious, first the FireStorm, then the supposed linking with Kled, now the Boshy Gun pay going to him.

    If anything, Oxygen should be questioned.

  • Lovecraft

    @Paracosm Yeah Billypup still have boshygun. i heard him today.
    and no one seen looting new boshygun. only milti saw boshygun and bought someone.
    So strange

  • @LagoonZz That'd be pretty hard to do honestly. Bgun is SB so you can't just trade to your unnamed 0 star acc and multi, and there's only 1 Mega blaster in the whole server, so it'd be hard to not get caught easily.

  • @Lugia It doesn't discard the fact that an Admin can go into someone's else Vault and put a Boshy Gun in their chest.

  • @Paracosm Good point, some admins are cunts

  • @Lugia And apparently in this case, it's Knorrex.

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