Selling Forgotten Crown (price negotiable, fame or PP accepted)

  • Selling my Forgotten Crown since I got bored of my wizard. It's currently in the market for 33333 fame since I was too tired to think of a price. Accepting both fame and PP. If PP though, I will NOT be going first. If you guys feel like trolling and lowballing, feel free to so you bump my thread :3

  • i have $0.08 on paypal, its kinda overpay but ok. XD

  • I have a coupon for a Jr frosty from Wendy's i know i know its WAY overpay but i really need a crown

    p.s. you pay for shipping

  • Lovecraft

    Hi, I would like to buy it for 20k and a Bracer.

    Please leave a message if you're interested.

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