The story of 3 liars, Start and end of everything. i will reveal everything. Please see this thread.

  • Lovecraft

    At first, i must say Who is the '3 liars'.
    its Oxygen, milti, and Azatoth.
    today, i will reveal all secrets of this 3 peoples.

    That was September 18th, milti got a boshy gun. so lucky.
    0_1477787747780_최종 1.png

    so i contacted to him, to buy his account.
    i offered 250$, and he said he have amulet and spectacles so add 20$. i accepted that and told to drpeanut, that "i will buy his account with 270$."
    0_1477787903430_최종 2.png

    trade goes well, and at that time, i got some doubt to milti, so i asked this to peanut:
    "peanut, could you change the Vertification E- mail? he could change his password.."
    and answer was this:
    0_1477788097137_최종 3.png
    0_1477788104370_최종 4.png

    yup, he said "Only Conveying Item"is possible.
    i thought it would be more safe, and more convinient to use.
    so we decided to do that.

    and trades were done.

    i get the gun. milti got 270$.

    also, i was sharing my account with alzip, and my college exam comes at 11/17 so i need to do some study, so i told to alzip "use my account until my college exam".
    and he tried to do many things like solo cland, solo shatter( he wasn't good at shatters so failed lol) ,solo tomb (kinda good farm), and he finally found good way to earn fames : Solo asylums. as you knows, there are guaranteed loots in asylum. we could get more than 200 fame (asylum key costs 200 fame), and also we could farm asylum nurse.
    so i and alzip farmed asylums a lot. few days later , when i was killing Bedlam, i found that when bedlam's hp get downed to 8000, he starts to follow players and INFINITELY spawning nurses.
    i thought "oh this could be GOOD BBATH FARM", and have done some experiments in asylum.
    then i found that : i can drag bedlam and make him stuck in the room.
    i was happy to found that, and farmed a lot of bbath, like 20? yes.
    and at that day, i found the fucking astonishing truth.
    my fame have increased a lot while im doing that.
    like 6 fame in 1 min, wtf.
    i shocked and call some of my guildies to show this.
    and WTF, as players increases, we could get more fames from bedlam.
    i thought why, and found this : there are small monster named cokroch? it gives us 80 exp and spawns more frequently when there are many players.
    i thought this exploit could bring bad conclusions.
    and guess what, one of my good friends, Arandomguy , have found that too.
    so we decided to tell this to drpeanut.
    Arandomguy asked this to peanut, and also alzip too.
    the answer is : "its ok, if you dont use this frequently."
    so i decided to stop this : because if i starts to use this regularly, i can't stop using it.
    also i have talked about this with hurrdurr.
    and some day, when i was doing asylum farm (guaranteed pot farm), oxygen have asked to me : " Are you doing Asylum fame exploit? " so i said no , and i was curious how could he know this, so i have asked to him : "what is asylum fame exploit"
    he said the same thing what i have found.
    and he suggested to do cland farm to me, because asylum fame exploit is dangerous (with lag).
    he said "with boshy gun, you can earn lots of fame in cland ! "
    so i tried it, and get 6 fame per min, so i started to farm clands.

    and long time passes (like 1 month) , one day, i heard this : MILTI STILL HAVE BGUN?
    so we(me and alzip) asked to milti, "who is the original owner?"
    but he haven't answered, and said he doesnt know .
    i have doubt it, and the picture that milti have send to us was strange (the paypal email was oxy's one) , so i thought they get it from admin , like this.

    0_1477790089418_최종 5.jpg

    so i started to do /where oxygen, /where milti .
    Absolutely, they was in the asylum.
    for like a number of hours.

    next day: SAME

    and then, unknown "Orbitt" account have died and get 23k? fame. with 1 god kill,
    and next day, 3 unnamed character have died together in pirate cave.
    each got 23k fame.
    damn, i was discouraged. nr will gonna die?
    and told this to peanut.
    but.. he didn't answered this for like a weeks.

    and then , i think this weird thing must be stopped, so i talked with leonheart: "how about make a thread about this, in forum?"
    "OK, i will make the thread."

    and we made a thread : "weird fame etcetc blabla"

    i was shocked, i thought he have quitted NR.
    But 'Its that guy' told to me : he is Pianet, not planet.
    so i realized it is oxy's alt account.

    and we have discussed a lot, and he have changed his opinion many times.
    at first: he said he used SWAMP MINIONS : but i calculated this : if he had killed swamp minions for 2 days, he cant get 5000 base fame.
    then he changed his opinion : he said he did lab fame farm. lol, i have tried to farm lab too , but i realized its not good than cland.
    i think he could lie better: how about saying "i did cland"?

    ah , and there is biggest proof that oxy is not innocent.
    i have tried to do asylum fame exploit with wackyleo (without bgun), but it was really bad idea. ( i think it was intended to farm bbath)

    but he is still saying , OXYGEN is not related, and "i am pianet i did all" .

    lets be honest.
    i am liar, and you are liar too.

    the reason why i lied is, i dont wanna get suffered by lots of pms like "LoL NR IS MONEY BASED GAME" "YOU BOUGHT IT NOOB" etc.
    but , the reason i can say this in forum is this.
    Drpeanut suggested me that way first, and i accepted it, so it isn't illegal way (i think...) ( if its illegal, i will get punished by that.)
    But what you have done is
    1: Doing Multibox, and get 100k fame in 2 day
    2:try to sell it right away
    4:Using your alt account, named like Planet, (this is insult to PLANET...)
    and advocate urself.
    5:and when i get the proof , always disappear and try to find the way how to lie.
    6: problem was going bigger but you said in discord "all done dont talk about it anymore"

    and many more suspicious things are exist, but i will stop at here.

    the most poor guy in here is milti, because you have used milti account for farm. he have banned by you.
    Please, stop changing your opinion constantly.

    And, to all members in Forum , i want to say sorry. big sorry.
    I must say this at that moment(when i bought bgun), but i was coward like shit ass so i lied to you all.
    i betrayed ALL OF YOUR TRUST.
    I am really sorry.
    i was gonna reveal this after my college exam, but it seems forum need to know real truth at now, so i am making this thread at now.
    im sorry.
    what shall i do?
    I think i can't forgived with just a apologize.
    i messed up forum too.
    sorry for my lie.
    and all, please get aware about this happening, with oxygen and me.
    im gtg now, alzip will give more informations later.
    bye guys.
    i hope this shit will done soon.

  • Lovecraft

    @Sarahs please tell what you heard from oxy.

  • Eat Bananas

    wew wot wtf wooh

  • Lovecraft

    Now oxygen is saying this:
    The reason why he is always in asylum is, just for farm bedlams, so he said he killed more than 30+ bedlams.

    But i have told to you,

    @Iroha-Isshiki isshiki, please tell to everyone what dungeon number is.

  • Lovecraft

    Thanks for oxy, he provides the proof that he is liar , himelf.

  • @Azatoth Dungeon number only changes if you exit to the realm portal. He could have just chained Asylums and used commands to exit

  • Lovecraft

    @astranite nah, it couldn't. Its possible if no one opens new portal or enter new dungeons during oxy is doing asylum.

  • Eat Bananas

    if you check someone "/where", you can see the dungeon's number. every dungeon has different number(1277,2710,7211....)
    if Oxy open two or more asylum keys, dungeon number MUST BE CHANGED. but it was always same at all. it means he farms fame in same asylum.
    sorry for da gay granmar kek

  • Lovecraft

  • This would all be so much easier if Oxygen just admitted the truth

  • @Azatoth I thought you meant their dungeons completed on the death screen

  • Lovecraft

    @astranite ah i see

  • Lovecraft

    @Azatoth said in The story of 3 liars, Start and end of everything. i will reveal everything. Please see this thread.:

    @astranite 0_1477794995484_가1.png



    i just experimented it : i opened asy portal in asylum , in each 1 min.
    dungeon nums changed.

  • damn u niggas are money whores tbh and kinda sad on admins part i hope nilly demotes the admins involved and only keep sott and blood and also wipe ur guys accounts

  • i also thought only rank 100s could gift but it looks like this guy got around it

  • What are you talking about Azatoth?

  • @Oxygen nigga just admit it youve been bagged harry potter now just leave..just leave lil niglet

  • @Soloxflez I seriously have no idea what this kid is talking about lol he barely even knows English

  • @Oxygen i can kinda tell the info hes giving is kinda misleading

  • @Soloxflez I have asked him multiple times about an exploit but I've never known of it lol I decided to just continue clearing labs then

  • I've already gave my side of the story and all of my proof, this post is poorly made with little proof of anything.

  • Hello, Milti here, my previous name was milfman, but then got it changed to my actual name, Milti. First of all, I never heard about this exploit til now. Second, it's not cool that 'Azatoth' is constantly posting our private dm. They are private for a reason. And finally, you get a butt load of fame by clearing asylums. You get 20-30 fame by just killing the nurses and minions, and not only to add on, you can get an item that sells for 20k min, plus you got the uh spell, and the bbath of course. I don't like to be accused of something - when you have literally no proof other then your own word and you just called yourself a liar, so why should people believe you - and I especially don't like being accused of something when it is not in the slightest bit true.


  • Hello, Orbit here. I think I'll start this off by letting everybody know that I don't like penis. Sorry. That's it folks. :)

  • Lovecraft

    @milfman i dont have anything to say, if you guys are constantly denying everything.
    Easy way to deny proof:
    "its not true"


    "Becuz its not true"

    "Proofs here."

    "Dont reveal dm"

  • A Waste of Matter

    Mfw Keemstar starts playing NR

  • @Azatoth Post some proof for them to deny first.

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