New guild! Mystery Seekers!

  • Okay first, this is an homage guild, meant to be a tribute to my very first ROTMG guild by Aurablade.

    Reqs; skype/discord accessibility, dark blue star, at least 4/8 with the ability to remax

    Yes I am taking this from Everlasting Destiny with a format please answer the following questions;

    How long have you played prod or nillys?
    How many stars are you in either?
    what is your ign?
    what is your best character you have had so far? stats maxed? total fame?
    why do you want to join this guild?
    if you see a guild member in need of help, weather running dungeons, maxing or even equips to a certain degree, will you do your best to help them?

    it does not matter what order you answer these in, but I do ask you answer all of them, pm me in game (apollomon) for more info, and any questions

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