Selling 1k:1$

  • Ok so my ign is Scammy I am selling 17k fame just message me in game or on here will update how much fame I have Not selling account Note: I am in no way associated with Oxygen or his friends and just selling fame which I have farmed up anyway this is how the trade will go if you buy 5k then 5$ if you buy all 17k then 15$ if you buy 1k then yea 1$ message me for more information :D

  • Scepters

    In what currency? Paypal? CS:GO Itenz? Prod itenz? Etc, etc

  • @Fulmi Paypal

  • Bought 8k fame went smoothly and fast +1

  • 27

    xd who's gonna buy from scammy these days

  • 27

    @scammy said in Selling 1k:1$:

    Note: I am in no way associated with Oxygen or his friends and just selling fame which I have farmed up

    Is it just me or does this seem fishy?
    Nobody accused him of being associated with Oxy, and noone has even mentioned it. It seems to mew like its one of those stereotypical things where someone has done something, and immediately says they havent done it as soon as they can so that they think people will listen to them.

    Example: Frodo and Bilbo have a gay orgy.
    Sam walks in and says 'hi'.
    Frodo says 'oh hi, Sam, me and Bilbo definitely weren't having a gay orgy'
    Sam says 'I didnt ask that :/'
    Bilbo says 'damn our cover is blown haha you get it Frodo - n- no- not the right time? Okay, I'll just put some clothes back on then'

    Dont ask what that example was Im super fucked in the head rn

  • Kawaii4Life

    @scammy will u take a 20$ steam card good sir

  • Scanmy scams because his name is scammy and it sounds like scam me which means that he will scam you and he got exposed because his name is scammy.

    Jk, why did I do this, Idk is he scans or not

  • This post is deleted!

  • @LagoonZz Reread it sorry I said that because I am low key selling fame right after oxy got banned but I am not associated with him wanted people to know that so it did not seem sus

  • @Domonation Only selling 2k fame rn but if you can save that I will get to 20k in no time

  • 27

    @scammy Sorry I wasnt meant to be accusing you of anything I was just a mixture of hyper and drunk (halloween parties are fucked) so I said quite a lot of shit ngl.

  • Kawaii4Life

    @scammy oke

  • @LagoonZz xd its ok that example was interesting LOL

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