The luck stat needs a buff...

  • FluffyDeathMachine

    So I was tempted to buy a Rabbits Foot off the market but I was skeptical about how much it would actually help me so I did some researching to find:

    "Godlands enemies usually drop stat potions at a rate of 0.07 (7%). However, a character with 10 Luck will find that stat potions drop from Godlands enemies at a rate of 0.077 (7.7%)"

    With an increase in drops this little very few to no players wear the rabbit's foot or pieces of the leprechauns set (apart from the Shalaylee coz it has good DPS).

    So, in conclusion, buff the luck stat ya know.

  • I agree with you!
    The luck stat needs a buff

  • The luck is fine as is. It's just a matter of how you are using it. Take boshy gun for an example. Its a 1/10000 chance of dropping. With rabbits foot that knocks it down to 1/9100 which is quite a lot. You could also use a loot potion ( x1.5 more drops ) which increases the drop chance. As far as usage goes I find it best to be used on anything that drop at 1/200 or a lower chance.

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    @lifeofllama I would say; Don't use it

  • Donor

    A 10% increase in drops might not be noticable, but it's definitely there.
    Also, rabbits foot is generally not used as a primary ring, but as a swapout on chests or when bosses are about to die.

  • The four-leaf seal is actually useful for rushing since it gives a speedy buff for not too much mp (95?). And as for the luck, I think it's fine as it is.

  • i completely disagree it makes it op for certain items that drop uncommonly like boshy gun kid cape zsabre etc

  • @ImPotato Can you find the rate of Bgun drop with Lep set with rabbit's foot+ Loot potion?

  • @astranite I don't know how the effects stack, but I got:
    • 1/5,650 (0.000177) by finding the drop rate after using the luck formula (luck=18) then multiplying that by 1.5
    •Or 1/5,952 (0.000168) by adding the luck with 50 first (you get 68 from that), then just use that in the luck formula.

    Yeeeaaah, I didn't have anything better to do. :x

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