Just a small request.

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    Is there any way to remove some people off the legends board?

    Only the people such as Orothi, Howtomulti, Blaksrgros etc that were involved in the massive exploit thingies. I just think itll make it a little easier to make it onto the legends and get the glow, and also makes it more rewarding for people to get it 'legitly' and be on the legends because they deserve it.

    If it was called 'I'm an exploiting fuck boards' id let it go, but it is the Legends board and they definitely aren't legends.

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    pls nilli

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    better request: make it go weekly, monthly, all-time, "I'm an exploiting fuck". like 4 separate tabs

  • @RyanDestro daily :kappa:

  • lagoonZz although it may be hard getting on the legends board is still possible you dont need to get to all time you can get 10th in monthly(if i remember correctly) so just try to get on the fame boards on a new day of the month

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    @Arx But the legends board is broken, so even on the weekly and monthly screens it only shows the all time legends. This may be a bug on my computer or for everyone I dont know.

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    @Noah_ said in Just a small request.:


    pls nilli

    I suggest asking DrWhen.

  • @LagoonZz i didnt realize it but youre right @Administrators please fix the legends boards

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    Still an issue so im gonna bump and see if @DrWhen or anyone else would be able to change this.

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