Bilore vouch thread :D

  • So, basically i want to start to buy/sell prod items, but dont want to have to hear the "omg no vouches u go first DX" then get scammed, so help me out because i havent scammed anyone and ive been on the forums for a while XD

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    @Bilore quite a few vouch threads are getting locked by admins because they are dangerous to new players - false vouches (not accusing you of anything just informing) can be very easy to make and also very convincing. Lots of well known scammers had 'trustworthy' vouch threads.

  • @LagoonZz ok, thx for the info, im not trying to get anyone scammed, but ive been scammed before and i am looking to avoid one of these situations again.

  • have a middle man that both of you trust with your items

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