Does use of /glands remove boots on ground?

  • As title says


    @astranite no(i think)

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    Pretty sure you should keep the bonus even if you use /glands. I know I certainly didn't walk to glands every time I was playing on a boots on the ground character.

  • I tested it and I do lose it

  • @astranite you do lose it. If you do /gland and try and tp to a player, it won't let you, you will still have that 10s cooldown. It means u already teleported.

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    I'd assume so. I have a boots on ground assassin, and using /oa or any other teleport command still lets me have it.

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    No, if you /glands it removes the bonus. /realm and /oa and that sort of thing are fine, but since you are in the same area when you /glands (you stay in the realm) it classes it as a teleport and you lose the boots on the ground. @naia dont /glands if you wanna keep the boots on the ground.

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    @LagoonZz I've never entered realm with assassin.

  • Yeah it removes boots on the ground. I tried it with one of my alt account (hurrhurrhurr) & was so confused when I had 1k less than what I originally should have gotten. If you're trying to fame farm (legitimately) I wouldn't bother going for boots on the ground. It's such a waste of time running to the godlands and than trying to find a group of people to leech off of that it would be much more efficient to just teleport.

  • Lovecraft

    doing /glands means you have teleported to the godland.

    Because the command positions you to the certain location

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