Probably the stupiddest death i have had.

  • In the huge OA map, with the lava at all 4 corners and the middle.
    It just started and there was the #noobfilter by med bombs.
    I moved back, hoping i would avoid as many shots as possible.
    7 seconds later, my screen brightness faded...
    Chat said 'Questmax ( Maxed stats : 6 Fame : 1932 ) was slain by Hot Lava.
    I was standing in Hot lava all the time without realising.

  • Meme

    Just died with a 0/8 wizzy with full tops and 2 exa hp with me. Got 90 fame of it. Killed by a leviathan ;-;

  • @Nicolelynnn I hate that OA map, I always leave. Its not worth my assassin with BBath, Plague, Harlequin, and Pyra. Don't be greedy, avoid most lava maps unless you really need loot.

  • @Geecgec the lava whitebag map is ok

  • @Arx its not the white bag one, close though.

  • @Geecgec yeah i really needed fame, had 200 account fame. Lol

  • Lol, same thing happened to my mystic. Stood in lava at the start of the wave. It was a very ironic death considering that I thought that I was about to get some dope loot. rip quost

  • @GiraRay that was my 6/8 npe too.
    With cosmic, steel shocker, ep, UH spell, gsorc, ring pop, exa hp exa dex :(

  • Famous Forumers

    Back in old death arena days, Bes spawned on the beach map and I got a white bag.
    Shame I don't look at the returning shots.
    I got fucked in the butt with my new warrior, and I didn't get that pyra I bolted for in the first place.

  • bro, im Kookiez, i was there and i saw that, i was hella confused why you popped!! Rip

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