Really dumb idea. (Involving 10 Jeebs).

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    I feel like attempting to hold a fundraiser. Pop 10 jeebs in my not-yet-created guild, charge a 500 fame admission fee. How dumb, on a scale from Trump to Obamacare is that?

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    @Naia if it is guild scale then you wont be able to gather the numbers to do oryx, which is (imo) the only boss i want to do whenever I jeebs - its great for starting off ppe's because oryx almost always drops some loot if you get the smallest amount of dmg in.

  • @Naia i agree with lagoon that if youre going to pop em pop like 2 private than the rest in public because you wont be able to do oryx unless you got really op people

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    @Arx @LagoonZz Fundraiser thouuuu! Think it would be easier if I lowered the price?

  • fundraising for jeebs is a bad idea as it can be scammed out of you need people you can trust and not try and get scammed or scam im saving my jeebs until i get whitestar(currently 15 jeebs)

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    @Naia I think it's only worth if you do queen, swamp, or Thessal for a private jeebs

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    @Arx I already have the keys.

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