[MAP] Oryx's Tower!

  • First map of November ayy lmao.

    Oryx's Tower

    alt text

    Notes: The full map, you start from the first Floor from outside towards the middle.

    Oryx's Tower Floors

    alt text


    First Floor: A test if you can through the Tower, you can find: Brutes of Oryx, Warriors of Oryx, Knights of Oryx, Commander of Oryx, Oryx Insect Minions and Living Floor of Oryx, as you go along the floor, more enemies will appear.

    Second Floor: The gods of the realm, you can find: Medusas, Djinns, Ghost Gods, White Demons of the Abyss, Ent Gods, Slime Gods, Native Sprite Gods, same as the first floor, there will be more gods as you go along the floor.

    Third Floor: Some bosses/powerful minions from the Realm, you can find: Mama Megamoths, Mixcoalts, Phoenix Lords, Red Demons, Henchmen of Oryx, Septavius, Snake Pit Guard, Stheno ,Spoiled Creampuff, Kage Kami, Jackal Lords, Jackal Priest, Nurses, Ossis Spectre, Grave Caretaker, Asylum Statue, Asylum Eye, unlike the first two rooms, there won't be more monsters as you go along the floor (except with Henchmen, however, the difficulty will go up as you go along.

    Fourth Floor: Powerful bosses and monsters from the Realm, you can find: Lucky Ent, Lucky Djinn, Mega Rototo, Zombie Priests, Zombie Knight, Zombie Warrior, Zombie Paladin, Zombie Hulk, Zombie Pirate Sr, Ice Adepts, Ice Mages, Glassier Archmages, Fire Adepts, Fire Mages, Archmages of Flame, Desire Troll, Inferno, Unicorns, Gigacorn, nerfed Ghost Ship (15k HP), same thing as the third floor.

    Fifth Floor: Elite monsters from the Realm, you can find: Royal Guardians, Titanum, Mama Toad, Slug Warriors, nerfed Thessal (30k HP), nerfed Nut (50k HP), Oryx Chicken, Asylum Wizzard, Murderous Megamoth and nerfed PacMan (20k HP). same things as the last two floors.

    The Center: Nothing special, only the large Statue of Oryx and the staircase to the top of the Tower.

    Oryx's Tower Final Room

    alt text

    Notes: The last room (?) of this tower of mayhem, there's a switch on the middle with 50k HP, that will destroy the wall over it once destroyed, also, the wall in the middle of the staircase will show where the portal leading up to Oryx 4 will be.

    The Final Battle

    alt text

    Notes: You will get here via the portal in the staircase in the tower, you are shown a large room with many pillars and suits of armour, 1 Oryx's Living Floor in each cardinal direction, and obviously, Oryx 4 in the middle.


    Song that will be played during Oryx's Tower

    Song that will be played during The Final Battle

    How to access it

    Oryx 3 will drop a locked Tower Portal in similar fashion to Oryx 2, however, you will need an Incantation rarer than the WC Incantation, it will only drop from the most elite monsters of the Realm, here's the List:

    The Forgotten Sentinel, Twilight Archmage, The Forgotten King, Turkey God, Old PacMan, Bedlam The God of Chaos, Swamp Spirit, Shaitan the Advisor, MegaMan, Boshy, The Kid at 0.1% (1/1000).

    P.S I will make the sprites tomorrow.

    I hope you guys like my newest dungeon!

  • @Paracosm +1
    It'd be interesting if, instead of Oryx 4, it had the green dragon, so you can obtain the pizza helm.

  • @astranite Honestly, it would be anticlimatic as fuck if you went through all the Tower only to find Limoz.

  • Donor

    Quite spicy.

  • @Paracosm But how often do you really beat Oryx 3 from the wine cellar and still have enough people for an even harder dungeon?

  • @astranite Implying people will do it for Limoz.

    Anyways, someone lucky enough to get the Tower Inc should shout it out, or make it known to everybody that he/she has the Tower Inc, so people can be ready in that Realm to go through the Tower.

  • 🏤 Forum Citizens 🏡

    @Paracosm "aww a cute dragon"
    Our adventure has paid off well.

    I really like the concept, but I think o4 as the boss would be a bit much. All it does is sits there and spams shotguns of death.

  • @Wizardism Thanks, and i do agree with you.

    I would like @nilly would recode Oryx 4 into an unique boss instead of being a ripoff of Oryx 3 with bombs and more HP. and more shotguns.

  • @astranite @Paracosm if you finish 03 and get through pacman, nut, thessal, chicken and like 30 other bosses, then you deserve to face something so op, you probably die with the 3 other people that survived this dugeon.
    If this dungeon gets added then this is gonna be the difficulty lvl.
    0_1478048224275_images.png 0_1478048233349_images.png 0_1478048242731_images.png 0_1478048248617_images.png 0_1478048260399_images.png

  • @Bilore That's why i would like Oryx 4 to be an unique boss instead of having a OHKO shotgun,

    Him being a more powerful reskin of Oryx 1 would be fine to me.


    if the server doesn't crash for like 3 hours a group of 10 strong ranged chars could easily finish o4...

    anyways awesome idea para this deserves more updoots

  • Infamous Forumers

    How are going to beat bosses in 4th floor in such a small room?
    especially the Fifth Floor, atleast make the room bigger for us to do the boss since it's hard to do like Thessal,Nut,Oryx Chicken, etc.

  • 27

    I love dungeons of this type.

  • Meme

    I really love the concept but as some ppl already said I don't like oryx 4 being the final boss. I know that would be a lot of work but imo there should be a a completly new boss which could be somehow related to oryx. Oryx 4 should stay in wtfbbq.
    Also, you could add the 4 dragons as guards on the way thorugh the tower (to keep the dungeon somehow viable you could maje them optional)

  • A Waste of Matter

    @Paracosm Give me the link to the map so i can open it you scroob.

    I wants to open it.

  • @BreadStick These bosses shouldn't be a problem as long you clear each room, as for Thessal and Nut, they both were nerfed, so the battle shouldn't be as prolonged as it would be normally.

    @MrLolmen As for the Oryx 4 problem, the only thing i can think off to make him more... "killable", is to make him have 125k HP instead of 200k HP, i can't see any current boss replacing Oryx in his own Tower, because the portal is supposed to drop from Oryx 3.

  • Meme

    @Paracosm you know, basically what I mean is that two oryxes are enough. It's like "oh no you killed me, BUT WAIT, I'm actually not dead, oh no you killed me again, BUT WAIT, I'm actually still not dead.
    edit. imo you could make the portal spawn from Janus and put some kind of general of oryx or sth like that in the tower

  • @MrLolmen But there are no coders actually in Nilly's to make a new boss.

    This should be more simple.

  • Bump, because why not.

  • A Waste of Matter

    @Paracosm Still didn't gib me dat link doe...


    So can ya?

  • @Hailtion said in [MAP] Oryx's Tower!:

    @Paracosm Still didn't gib me dat link doe...


    So can ya?

    I've sent you the download link for the map 27 days ago nig, check the chat.

  • @Paracosm Bumping for you because it's a great idea.

  • Kawaii4Life

    if this got added it would be a good chance to get loot :D

  • @nilly if you look at the realmeye forums, and go look in dungeons, you can see a idea called the beyond, i think someone should take the Oryx, Scourge Of The Universe idea, and make it, since i think its cool, but add better drops

  • @Gaodzilla Why don't you make it yourself?

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