Relating to the issue of donators accessing dab.

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    As many of you know, donors trying to enter the server 'Dab Like Rachel' do not connect, or get placed into the queue, and instead get placed into the old system for joining servers. But since the queue makes it so that any available space is immediately taken up by the one at the front of the queue, donors have no possible way of accessing the realm when it is full.

    I know that the realm is not donor-biased, and I find that great tbh - the donor rank should just be for showing your appreciation to the game and enjoying it enough to donate some cash to keep it going, instead of just getting it so that you can get the donator perk.

    My idea is simple - all people, donator or not, get placed into the queue. This would allow for the donors who want to play in dab to do so (albeit having to wait in the queue for a while beforehand), and any non donors have to wait in the queue as well. This allows for fair access to the server and also makes it fair so that non-donors are not missing out on anything. Many OA's and Jeebs are held in Dab, so missing out on them because we cannot access the server (we = donators) can be quite infuriating.

    Feedback and suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Bumping because its still a problem.

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    Your point is invalid. Nilly advertised donor with the perks of faster access to the server.
    Let's be realistic, 90% of donors, including me, only donated for the perk. Not many would have donated otherwise. He can't just take something away that he promised us.

    Edit: My apologies, I didn't read that you only specified a queue in dab like Rachel. I do support this.

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    @BronzeV preach it fam

  • honestly i think its a good idea but donors should get the ability to skip queue if they press nexus hotkey instead of nothing

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    I already told him and he said he'll sort it when he has time.
    It wasn't intentional

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    @Nightslayer In case you havent noticed, Nilly is planning on leaving this project and handing over the control to someone else for good. This means that he may not find a solution to this issue before he leaves, hence why I am leaving this up as a possible request to whomever he decides will take over the server.

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    I did "notice." And i'm saying that i spoke to him after he made that post and he said he'll try lol. I'm trying to share information that i received from the man himself.

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    @Nightslayer Sorry, i wasnt meant to be rude by saying you hadnt noticed, i was genuinely thinking you may not have known.
    This is good news though, because it means that I might actually be able to join in on some of the oas and stuff :)

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