Forums back up. Some info on what is going on with this site/game.

  • So I've been away for... more than a long time. I've just been busy with other things and haven't really wanted to spend the time needed to keep things in order here. It honestly became one of those things that I tried to avoid thinking about because it is painful to considering the way/length of time I went away. Pretty shitty thing to do and I apologize to everyone that has devoted their time to it only to see it come to this.

    With that said, I probably should relinquish control of the project. I don't have the heart to continue to work on it. I'll keep you guys updated on what will happen exactly when I know more.

  • @nilly This is pretty spooky. Well either way this goes down, I wish the best for everyone that I have met and the admins of this game

  • FluffyDeathMachine

    As sad at it is to see you leave (maybe) I'd like to see where the next owner will take this server

  • welcome back nilly

  • Rip Nilly, Rip Oxy

  • 烧烤酸奶 ( BBQ YOGHURT )

    Rip this game

  • Lovecraft

    long time no see, nilly.
    i am just back to Nr too , my exam is done.
    what i want to say is, please let new admin check carefully and hear many people's advice when he gonna decide something affect to game.. there has been many accidents in this game while you aren't on.
    and the guys who caused the accident still exist in somewhere....

  • well honestly nilly we understand if you just cant handle it anymore you have been at this game for a long time

  • ☭☭Noah's Ark☭☭

  • A Waste of Matter

    @nilly Pass it on to someone who has the devotion to continue.

    We'll remember you well. :^)

    O, and welcome back.

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    nolly pls give the game to gud old loudman :joy:
    Seriously, though. It's a very sad thing to see the game dying.

  • ☭☭Noah's Ark☭☭

    @loudman42069 It is.

  • A Waste of Matter

    sad times

  • Metronome

    I am good hacker I can run good server

  • 27

    @lights me very good newspaper make, you give money to me and me make really good newspaper for you

  • Lovecraft

    @nilly not being a dixk or an asshole but pls pls new admins and open up donations the money will flood in faster than i dropped my grades and my suggestion is to let each player determine who to donate to(which admin) so each admin might have a nrw interest and as long as donations are up im sure money will flow in. In my shittty ass opinion evry game has a function where u pay to get better in nillys realm i hope u can expand it by taking steps so this game will be profitable for u and the admins who helped. Best way to start imo is to just let donations go so money will flow in and motivaaaaateeee u guys.
    Peace out pls no ban

  • Wiki Editor

    Sadly not a surprise to hear this.

    Over the last 2 years that I have played I've met lots of nice people. Sad to see a community die like this.

    I wish NR good luck ! :(

  • Ah, I'm just here to pay my repects I guess.

    It's been fun guys.

    I love you guys <3

  • Member Of The Mafia

    @nilly Sad to here..
    It's been a nice run
    ILoveMuch :sparkling_heart:

  • Wiki Editor


    Great run guys, being able to meet great people over my time here...


  • I would apply xD


  • @nilly With all respect brother you been running it all wrong. I get it you ran it like that for years this way. But message me if you want to grow. Once money starts flowing in you gonna like it, trust me ill garantee you. This is like a buisness and you're the boss so you either in or out. Im sure when you worked on this game aka -project you had a big smile on your face. Im very proud of you on even tho i dont know you. You did it made a good addicting game that poeple enjoy playing and today i can say its one of the best servers. This can turn into a real big project. Its a win win for everyone. Lets go big and make this last longer ill be awaiting your message.

  • @NoNames If Nilly earns money from the server, there will be people from DECA there to do le copyright strike.

    And a quote from someone but I forget who: 'I enjoy things until I get payed for it.' Slightly altered quote as I can't remember it

  • @astranite They could sue i dont doubt that. But the game assets of nillys are different from their server. Actually nilly can sue back since deca used his idea of the haunted cementary drops. LIke the rogue stuff. Also you can call it a donator perk and you cant get sued for this. You just need to make a short contract for players to understand what the purchase does.

  • @NoNames Nilly can sue for DECA copying the haunted cemetary drops. DECA can sue Nilly because Nilly copied there game

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