Falsely Permanently Banned for GodMode

  • I was sitting in on the beach doing homework for a History project when banned for GodMode. I love the server and want to play extremely banned please help me understand why I was banned and why If I might get unbanned. All I can think of is that the scorpion minions spam hit me and did no damage (Max def and they are extremely weak) and the game banned for not taking damage. Thank you all! IGN: GNOMEisGOD

    @Moloch (Please help, you seem like a good guy D:)

  • help please someone D:

  • 27

    @GNOMEisGOD I believe Scorpions do 1 damage at max def, both knight and others

  • max def plus a def ring and extra armor? No they dont

  • @GNOMEisGOD If you had 20 def vs someone that did 20 damage, you would take 5 damage. Do your research ya dingus.
    You might have regenerated faster than they could damage you, thus making the server believe that you were in god mode. Fix your English. Thankyou

  • Lol scorpions do 0-1 damage, not 20. And I got unbanned by nilly so... Yay :D

  • @GNOMEisGOD Good job. And also my argument was just an example, about how you only block 75% of the damage.

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