Stupid gship :(

  • Its been about 6 weeks now since my last whitebag from gship. Something that makes me mad though is that I do like 20-30 of them a day and like 10 labs yet labs are flooding in the white bags along with 2 of them in a row sometimes.

  • @ImPotato TIL RNG
    It's so stupid, I've done maybe 20 Boshys and still no Bgun

  • 20 O-o I feel bad for you lel. Ive done maybe 35 so far ever since the wipe and not 1 bgun yet lel

  • I've done 9999 boshys, but the chance is 1/10000. I WILL GET IT ON THE NEXT ONE
    Ik thats not how the system works lel

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