Selling Trash

  • Selling Great Climbing for some items (preferably with a {in order of least to most favorable} bbath OR ass OR dblade in the mix)
    Selling Esben Staff
    Selling Lava Seal
    Selling Steel Armor of Lava or something like that.

    IGN is same as my forum name.

    kys :3

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    @SexyCarrie Is there a reason that you don't just list them on the marketplace?

    Also you stole my :3 at the end of a post and I dont like it.

  • @LagoonZz :3 r u triggered m8? Please dont shitpost unless you're actualy going to buy.

  • @SexyCarrie he isnt shit posting, ur post is a shitpost, he was asking you a question, a very valid question. And all he expects is an answer, so give him one please.

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    Oh.. So selling yourself is a thing now, okay, that's nice..
    Now gimmme Esben robe.. I need it.

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