need help please

  • So... when i tried logging into my old account Purple (ign) email is it wouldnt let me login and my old email no longer is working so i made a new account named kingvaan with my new email .@*.com i was hoping to get the status of my old account? Or have the password reset and sent to my new email or maybe even delete my new account so i can have my old one have its email changed to my new email Idk i just want my old account back if you could make it happen please i would greatly apreciate it.

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    @purple2 Don't share your email on the forums

  • ☭ HammerSickle ☭

    You do realize that there's a free E-mail hacker called BruteForce? Not going to use it on yours anybody's because I'm nice.

  • If i knew the forums could be read and replied by anybody i wouldnt have......

  • Cancer=LiteralAids

    In the case that they take into account your request, transferring your account to another mail is something complicated, in any case you would be asked to give an email that is not registered in the server.

    And never, in your life ... put mail in forums.

  • @SMHenrry um i edited it so you vant see email?

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