Any guild?

  • ☭ HammerSickle ☭

    As you might know, I dropped Nir's account and grabbed mine back. Hope it doesn't get hacked again.

    I need a guild.
    IGN: jhui
    Characters: shitty
    Stars: 19
    Time on NR: several months
    Why do I want a guild?: dont wanna be alone :(

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    Aren't you already in our guild/our guild's queue AND could join Hailtion's at any given moment?

    ('o .o)

    Are you looking for a smaller guild? I'm sure you can ask around Nexus or Marketplace if thats what you're looking for.

  • @jhui I got a guild called "The Big Weiners". You can join we got a big group but most are just 4 stars that i invited to get us bigger.Im on alot because i play this at school.Look For WaffleGod for an invite.

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