• barbakhn and CHILENOMAN are both the same people and are saying they're gonna report me for wasting 10 minutes trying to get everyone I know to make sure he's not a hacker, then he goes on and on about he's gonna report me on both of his accounts even though he's a LIGHT BLUE STAR expecting me to go first
    EDIT: i was trying to sell him fame for prod items, but he still wants me to go first ;-;

    how does this even work?
    2 reports = ban?

  • @Seku Don't really get what's going on. but you can't get banned for RWT.

  • oh, and did I mention he was trying to use a 0* account to trade me items on prod?

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    @Seku Stars don't define a person's attitude. I know a few white stars that are assholes.

    As astranite said: "You can't be banned for RWT", and also you are the one selling fame,you choose your customers, i mean, there are plenty of people who are willing to go first right?(or if you are desperate, use a middle man).

  • He's not saying his stars defined the dudes attitude lmao?
    What he is saying is that he made a new account so incase he was caught for scamming others, that account would get banned and not his main account, that's how it usually goes at least.

  • @Night-Owl Can I add to this, please, never go first if you are trading with someone that is the least bit suspicious. Nothing wrong with you losing a potential trader rather than possible thousands of fame/money

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    @Seku I'm a middleman, my service is free

  • oh, btw i'm quitting nillys, selling my acc rnow xD

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