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    OMFG. I absolutely hate it when people shoot the flowers in bella and turn it into an immaculate red flower.

    This time, IGN: meatpistol decided to fuck my assassin's ass. That assassin was almost 4/8, and it had tops on it (other than poison and ring). Also, it had 63% accuracy, no exploits and stuff.
    0_1480646228387_Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 6.28.56 osteoporosis jimmy.png

    I'm fucking pissed.

  • @jhui Don't stand on flowers

  • stay in safe spot and youll live

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    seriously though, theres just a thing with my characters and warriors.

    I mean, warrior is an awesome class, but the people who use them... not so much. They have no remorse even though they're being a cunt.

    EG 1: Duo lab

    So i'm a rogue and there's a warrior, just leeching. I rush the whole thing, and gets a 0 because the warrior public buffed with an ASS. Then he rubs it in my face. Douche.

    EG 2: Penta

    Really? They just buff themselves and rush on to deal hundreds of DPS and get a 5/5 and act like they got a 0 and say shit like "aw fuck 5/5" or "wtf pot bags?'

    EG 3: loot
    They steal it all. then brags.

    Seriously, when I play warrior, I'm not half as douchey as these kids who get salty in Roblox PVP.

  • Why would you take the time to post this, honestly. This was a simple death that could have been easily avoided if you were watching carefully/stood where you were suppose to.
    But i guess it is the "whine cellar" category.. smh

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