I found out why the forums are turning into cancer.

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    More people read about how to shitpost then reading the rules. Good thing Sottler didn't remove that relevant sticky, eh?

  • The Great Cabbage Thief

    Ayyyy, but at least we now have a chat full of the most concentrated cancer there is. That's a good thing right? Cancer warms the soul

  • Former Staff

    LOL they were posted the same day avnd mine got 8x views. thats an 8:1 shitposter to legit ratio

  • @Devon Seems about right.

  • Former Staff

    @Moloch my profile pic is more catching

  • Cancer is good for you, cancer is life (or maybe not).
    Oh, also:

  • I'll never get tired of that

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    Who the hell is there to enforce the rules?

    Rules are seemingly meaningless if nobody enforces them.

  • Wiki Editor

    Wait til 12/16/16 everything would change

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    Matter of fact, Moloch,

    (roughly) your combined views for your rules post:


  • The Great Cabbage Thief

    I bet the forums would be better if there was more Erotica

  • @Ashryver Maybe...
    Perhaps if....

  • Famous Forumers

    when molok actually shows up

  • 27

    @Devon 'same day'

  • Cloud 9

    Couldn't read, no TL;DR ~

  • @Moloch The only important points from your rules are that NSFW will get you banned, and that users should not necrobump. Devon's was marginally better than yours imo.

  • It's cause he's black

  • i pick my nose with my dick


  • I don't know which one I'd prefer; all caps or no caps?

  • A Waste of Matter

    @MrSott 1-0

  • @Pringle True. But I was meaning the off-topic section. Although I'd imagine people already saw it on the others.

  • i guess the forums will be fixed by spammer viagra bots lads. Kappa

  • @MrSott Considering I was the only one enforcing them...

  • 27

    I stopped reading devon's after he told me not to use the :3 emote

    And also wasnt it you @Moloch that originally pinned the thread in the first place?

  • @Moloch

    This clearly shows that nilly didn't like the way you "enforced them"
    Excuse my underlining :P

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