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    How Cancerous has this community become... it wasn't like this when I used to play...

  • This post has been edited because Jack is salty about it.

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    @BlackoutLAGS People, that don't help are the reason why this community and the whole forums are going full retard. People like you are the reason.
    Now stop being a mean little bitch and help people or get the fuck out.
    Thank you, have a nice day.

    @Quazar Admins aren't active so people live in anarchy, they think that they can do anything they want and are acting like idiots.

  • @Jack-the-Ripper "Now stop being a mean little bitch and help people or get the fuck out"

    Look, this guy didn't need help, he needed closure. Also, for the most part, people like me, and people like you too, are making this community cancerous. You didn't have to reply, but you chose to, and that's just the nature of some people, so I understand. I also find it ironic how you called me a mean little bitch but that's not important right now

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    @Jack-the-Ripper o I see...

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    @BlackoutLAGS Glad you edited your post.

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    Sigh Well then, if you have any updates on the community, let me know too. I recently came back as well.

  • first!!!!!!

  • @BlackoutLAGS to be honest, if you start pointing fingers, you are the immature cancerous person

  • I'm not, but if you guys insist that I'm part of the source of this server's cancer, then I'll just leave this post

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