New Huntress Trap: Blessed Crystal Trap

  • New item for Huntress

    Name: Blessed Crystal Trap
    Discription: Nobody knows who blessed it anyway
    Stats : Party Effect Heal for 3 sec Radius 3
    Damage: 65 Trap Radius : 4
    -3 Dex
    -2 Speed
    +2 Defense
    +4 Wisdom
    Activate Cost 75 MP
    Drops from : Crystal Prisoner & Asylum Wizzard
    Drops in Whitebag
    Drop Rate 0.04

    it is just a example ....With this Trap can some Huntress alive
    Cyclopsgod can you create the Item picture..... ??? :aerial_tramway:

  • @Oblivien I can really tell a ... lot of thought was put into this /s

  • Yes this is true i hope this trap can discover the Realm dungeons Dor more ideas pm me :)

  • Creativity Cafe ☕


  • Thank ... i searched it <3

  • A Waste of Matter

    Inb4 Huntress Metas EVERYWHERE.

    Sees that he's using this trap.

    Hailtion, Rank 444: "Hey, Meta. How many hours do you have on huntress again?"

    "Meta:" "This trap has been out forever...right?"

    Hailtion, Rank 444: "..."

  • Please give a feedback to the trap
    It is so good ?
    Or should we change something ?

  • @Oblivien Nice x D

  • 27

    No originality, incomprehensible English, no sprite, no reason for its uniqueness, not following the format, crystal prisoner/asylum wizzy already have really common whites, no need for another, the list goes on.

    Please put some thought into ideas before posting them :/

  • ☭ HammerSickle ☭

    One word: TRASH

  • @jhui Make it better before you say TRASH .......
    and i tested already the trap on y p server ... and it was very good dont say Trash if you are just a retarded that only spamm the forum with 1 word messages !

  • ☭ HammerSickle ☭

    @Oblivien Oh, so I'm now a retard. COOlios then. And how am I the retard, when you're the one that posted this:
    0_1484411011111_Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 8.23.04 spooky jimmy.png

    follow the format, kid.

  • The Great Cabbage Thief

    @Oblivien Item ideas take a long time to consider. But no one(Server's, players don't count as they are bias) wants an item that's opaf. It's taken me months to balance items before. If you want to see what people mean by 'Follow the format' look at this post;

    As you item is an ability it's not quite the same. But you should be able to understand it. You're a pretty smart kid right

  • @jhui are you dumb scroll down there you see the real droprate ..... dont read all and post it ahahha dumb.....

  • @Oblivien Or you can just edit the post

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    Doesn't look like much time and thought was put into it.

    A healing trap at first sounds like a cool idea, but I think when you're actually using it the healing function could prove to be near worthless.

    Over all too weak to be used for offense and too unreliable to use for healing. Requires too much micromanagement and is far too slow to be used to hit and heal somebody unless it is yourself.
    Gets outclassed by t1 trap?
    Low damage.
    Low radius.
    Outclassed by t1 trap via offense.
    Didn't say the duration of the trap.
    Missing sprite.
    Didn't follow layout.
    Name and description are kinda bland.
    Dex reduction makes it even more worthless, as Huntress already has low dex in comparison to Archer.

    You'd have to wait until the trap is set off to get the healing effect, in which traps don't trigger on player contact. Unless the healing goes off on landing in which you should of specified.

    Sorry, but this really needs to go back to the drawing board imo.

  • @Pringle Thanks , it was just a idea .... and thanks for replay and yes i would have low mana cost and low damge what the huntress need is just heal

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