Anyone gonna do something horribly specific this Thursday at 4:30 AM?

  • I'm gonna walk out of my screen door with a glass layer beside it right out to the trimmed backyard where I'm gonna dance on the dirt with my left foot moving only my knee and ankle joint, then turn a 180 and go back into my house which I will then get the 3rd cup in the pantry get 5 cubes of ice pour about half a cup of raspberry lemonade take 2 sips put it on the table forget what I'm doing then remember what I'm doing and take about 3 1/2 sips. I will then get on my computer, browse a bit of spicy memes on reddit in the HOT section and then hang out with my family at our kitchen table that is made out of wood and polished finely.

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    Killing varanus.

  • With what weapon? And at what angle will you use the weapon? What distance will you be from Varanus attempting the murder? Where will he be at 4:30 AM?

  • Nope....

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    @BlackoutLAGS His own Moloch. Broken arm angle. Falling distance of a table. Not Nilly's Realm.

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    This Thursday at 4:30 pm I will try really hard to remember in vivid detail the plan that I came up with on Wednesday at exactly 6:15 pm. I will forget and hit the burgundy wall next to my desk and wince because it hurts. The pain will last for 20 seconds before I regret deciding to hit the wall in the first place. I will then open up these forums, after waiting 1 minute and 27 seconds for my laptop to turn on and load up the forums. I will then frantically search my recent posts in the hope I had written my plan down somewhere, yet after 43 seconds I will give up my search and exhale sharply. I will then slump into my chair and shiver because it will be cold in the room in which my laptop is situated. After that I will decide that 12 degrees is too cold for a room and set the gas fire next to my desk to warm the room to 17 degrees. This will take 43 minutes to get the room to temperature. I will then proceed to rest my head against my laptop keyboard and fall asleep, for roughly 40 minutes and then realise that I am likely to be 5 minutes late for work, which takes 37.4 minutes to cycle to at an average pace. I will then remember that this is the time at which my plan is ended and spontaneous actions follow on as I no longer have a plan to follow.

  • I thought the horribly specific thing was bringing back NR but I guess this works also.

  • gonna be at the weight room

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Weed

    im gonna be at nr praying it will be up ;)

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    Filming noobs killing themselves with nades in CoD

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