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    Can somebody tell me, why server is off? I was sarching for answer but i didnt find it.

  • Server is off, since Nilly (suppose Owner of server) and staff (if there is any left??) do not actually give a damn about the game and anyone who uses it.

    Shame really, it is a very good server. RIP?

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    @jeanabz do some research before answering people's questions, who ask for researched answers (if that made any sense idk its tired I'm late).

    Nilly is the current owner of the server, but he no longer enjoys maintaining this server. He took a break and decided he would rather stay away, and at the moment as far as we are aware he is looking for a suitable replacement owner for the game.
    Not many other people have admin powers, since Winter (old co-owner) was hacked and her powers were removed. Current admin are no longer online and Nilly is not here to choose new ones.

    This server has been up for a very long time for a non-profit server, and maybe it will come out of this with a new owner and thrive again, maybe it wont. The point is, we don't know. But what we do know is that complaining doesn't help, so I'd like to say thanks for not being one of those people who are constantly bitching about not getting what they want.

    The server went down a little while ago for around 4 days and came back up, so hopefully they will do so again. but if not then you'll just have to find another game to play.

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    @giuen Hope your sarch went fucking well, m8. And also, the term is down. Like your syndrome.

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    @giuen How do you sarch?

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