<Selling> Prod Items For Nilly's Items

  • Hey guys! I'm beginning to start merchanting on Nilly's Realms and Prod, as in I'm selling a lot of my prod items for stuff on nilly's. I'm not a scammer and I'm looking forward to trading for some of you guys! I'll try to get some vouches going on this thread because I've already started trading :)
    What I'm looking for: Mainly just fame and UTs on Nilly's, that's about it :) **
    What I'm selling on prod: I have a lot of rainbow pots (to max), skins, keys, and life. I can sell a lot on prod, I'm decked! **
    As far as pricing goes, I haven't set a solid price for prod life to fame, so we could work anything out!

    If you guys want to contact me about trading, you may pm me on nilly's forums, or reach me on:
    Nilly's Realm IGN: AceMetro
    Prod IGN: AceMetro
    Skype: sloan998

    Good luck everyone, happy trading!

    If you've bought from me and would like to vouch, post it like this:
    IGN (nilly's):
    What you bought:
    What you paid:
    Whatever else you want to say.

  • Traded with him, I went first. trade was quick and smooth, no hassle.

  • Bought a minecraft premium account, i went first, trade was smooth.

  • Wiki Editor

    Don't get fake accounts to try to promote your deal

  • i pick my nose with my dick

    weve got an a name

    and a b name

    waiting for a guy whos name starts with a c to say

    "Wow, this guy is really reliable. +1 rep for sure. Trading again with him sometime soon."

  • @shadymann. Those aren't fake accounts, it was a coincendence that they had a and a b name, they are real people I've sold to, you can check their ips if you think they are "fake", You shouldn't be an ass and try to downgrade my merchanting process because unlike you, I care about playing the server and selling items. Thanks.

  • Ace is legit. Bought 3 ubhps, fairy plate and a pixie off him.

  • i pick my nose with my dick

    @AceMetro Actually that boxyz is a fake account, it was only made 3 hours ago, yet it has already sold uts for a minecraft account on nillys realm? very legit indeed.

  • @nexusprince, whenever i sold to him, I asked him to give me a vouch, and he didn't have a forum's account so he made one to vouch for me. I'm sorry people in this world take their time to help other people, lol. I'm far from half of the kids on this server, half of them are scammers, that's not me.

  • Yes i bought a minecraft account off him for my brothers bday do you want the skype chat?

  • +rep good reliable trader

  • @shadymann I am not a fake account. I'm sorry to say it, but you were wrong. i dont appreiate being called "fake"

  • IGN (nilly's): Shotbow
    What you bought: Potion of Life, Nexus No Miko Skin
    What you paid: 400 Fame for Life, 4800 for Skin
    Whatever else you want to say. he iz kewl

  • @AceMetro said:

    IGN (nilly's): RaptTrety
    What you bought: Like 6 life,exa hp
    What you paid: around 2800
    Whatever else you want to say. Good deal was Quick and fast.
    Was scared I was gonna get scammed But Fear went away. 100% Good.

  • Bump cause I barely do that :3

  • Ace i will buy something from u when Nillys gets back online

  • good trader +rep

  • @AceMetro
    IGN (nilly's): XxXBGXxX
    What you bought: 9 inventorys of rainbow potions and a full top knight set on prod
    What you paid: 5.7k fame
    Whatever else you want to say. I went first, the trade was fast smooth, nice guy. + rep, definitely will buy from again

  • ok wat about 500 fame (NR) for 2 life pots on prod? also what are rainbow pots? wat do they do and how do u work with them?

  • @fujomonjia, That sounds fine, and rainbow potions are like any potions, def atk wis vit spd dex.

  • so do they rase like one of each or...wat....do u choose which one it raises...?

  • @fujomonji, there isn't a potion called "rainbow potions" if people on realm have different types of potions like vit wis spd dex atk def, they just say they have rainbow potions

  • IGN (nilly's): Bad
    What you bought: 8 life on prod
    What you paid: Skull of the cubes
    Whatever else you want to say. Good person, fast and smooth trades, have done multiple trades with him, will probably keep trading with him.

  • @AceMetro oooo ok thanks ok

  • ssoooo as soon as u can today preferebly can u get on so i can buy a knight set off of you if thats ok?

  • Bump :) never do this xD

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