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  • -In this thread, I'm going to post all of the new stuff I make that I don't plan on publishing unless people want me to. If enough people like the designs, il make stats for them and so on. Remember to Upvote this thread if you like my designs, and make sure to Watch this thread for more. #1 - Septavius's Revenge 0_1453936123812_Screenshot (7).png Projectile, Septavius's Blood - 0_1453936163034_Screenshot (26).png #2 EmeraldShard Bow of Acid - 0_1453936194904_Screenshot (24).png EmeraldShard Arrow of Acid - 0_1453936326928_Screenshot (25).png #3 - The Acidic Prism of Fangs 0_1453939798649_Screenshot (29).png #4 Jack's Frosted Prism of Ice 0_1453939832819_Screenshot (31).png #5 Eternal Burning Prism of Satan 0_1453939892553_Screenshot (28).png #6 The Prism of Undying Eletricity 0_1453939937330_Screenshot (30).png #7 Shield of the Mighty Sun God - 0_1453941528421_Screenshot (32).png #8 Cybernetic Beheader 0_1453943913483_Screenshot (33).png #9 Shadow Robes of Enchanted Magnus 0_1454114165804_Screenshot (27).png #10 Belladonna's Impulse 0_1454114276033_Screenshot (35).png #11 Orbital Destruction 0_1454114306857_Screenshot (22).png #12 (Something I never saw myself making) The Fist of God (A gauntlet) 0_1454115458725_Screenshot (36).png

  • The bow and arrow both look awesome. I would actually like to see an interesting item be made with the bow/arrow sprites. Really though the shading on that arrow looks incredible.

  • @DeathPylon Thanks :) I'm glad you like it.

  • Just added 4 new prisms.

  • Nice work, favorite is the bow :D

  • I quite like the look of the bow too, although my favourite is probably the shield. It's decently shaded and I like the design

  • Thanks. This is all I do now. Ive become obsessed with making nilly's item after nilly's item and nothing else o-o

  • If you like the designs, mind Upvoting this thread? (Also don't forget to watch this thread, il be uploading new items often)

  • Lolicons

    That bow.. oh.. oh my.. It looks great, it's the most I've ever wanted an item in this game +1. Projectile shot looks great too +1

  • So should I make stats and submit it?

  • Lolicons

    Go ahead, I'd love to see some of these sprites/items in-game (The bow, arrow, dagger projectile and the purple prism are my favourites here)

  • Il do the Bow and Arrow. If you want, you can make the stats for the Electric prism, and publish it as long as you give me cred.

  • Ok here is the Emeraldshard Bow of Acid's stats.

    Type: Bow

    Damage: 125 - 200

    Average Damage: 162.5

    Base DPS: 158.44

    Range: 6.75

    True Range: 2.84

    Arc Gap: 20

    Shots: 2

    Amplitude & Frequency: 0

    Rate of fire: 65%

    Multi Hit

    Armor Piercing

    Speed: 150

    Lifetime: 450

    +2 Attack

    +2 Speed

    -2 Vit

    +5 Dex

    -20 MP

    Tier: UT

    Fame Bonus: 6

    Feed Power: 1250

    Bag Type: 6 (White Bag)

    Drops From: Son of Arachna

    Drop Rate: 1/750

    Too op?

  • I hate to burst your bubble, but Lair of Draconis isn't finished so making it drop from one of them is highly unrealistic

  • Sorry, I saw him and I thought he was perfect. Acid and all.

  • Ok it will drop from son of Arachna now

  • New Robe, Wand, and Staff. I know, I'm not impressed by the wand either. But I added it cuz wtfn New gauntlet too, The Fist of God

  • Be right back changing pants from looking at ninja star.

    But really that is like the best ninja star i have ever seen :o

  • Hey guys, I got bored and decided to make a set dedicated to the Emeraldshard equipment of Acid. Emeraldshard Ring of Acid0_1454130752004_Screenshot (40).png Emeraldshard Quiver of Acid 0_1454130770029_Screenshot (38).png Emeraldshard Chestplate of Acid0_1454130794704_Screenshot (41).png And here stats. Emeraldshard Ring of Acid
    On equip:
    +3 Speed
    -2 Def
    +100 Max HP
    -30 Max MP
    +5 Dex
    Fame bonus: 6%
    Feedpower 1000

    Emeraldshard Chestplate of Acid
    +23 Def
    +4 Attack
    -25 Max HP
    Fame bonus: 5%
    FeedPower: 1250

    Emeraldshard Quiver of Acid
    MP Cost 75
    Damage: 325-375
    Projectile speed 15
    Range 15
    Effect Daze for 4 seconds
    +3 Wis
    +2 Dex
    +2 Def

    I also got bored and make a cloak so Emeraldshard Cloak of Acid 0_1454130833961_Screenshot (37).png Wadaya think?

  • And BTW I know the chestplate is too Greeeeenyyyy but I wasn't quite sure what I could do to fix it.

  • Lolicons

    #10 Sprite looks pretty cool.

    #11 Looks REALLY out of place because of that bright pink colour, I think it looks pretty bad.
    The ring is basically a default exa-ring, maybe you could do something more unique.

    #12 Looks like an EP, but that's not too much of a problem, maybe rework the colours, they don't exactly work well together (especially the shades of red.)

    #13 Actually looks really good, the colours work well together and that red pixel looks nice surrounded by the white. It's not the exact same shape as bracer/gauntlets and that definitely sets it apart from them. :+1:

  • I know the wand is bad, it wasnt really supposed to be good i just felt like making a bella wand. And can you be a bit more specific of what your rating? Because my Emeraldshard set i didnt number. 12 is a gaunlet, and im assuming that the default exa-ring is my emeraldshard ring?

  • New ring for Emeraldshard. 0_1454197133269_Screenshot (43).png

  • I made a set dedicated to me! Lincwaro's Enchanted Attire! (Only sprite, no stats yet) #1 Lincwaro's Enchanted Edge0_1454201245479_Screenshot (48).png
    #2 Lincwaro's Enchanted Ring0_1454201268854_Screenshot (47).png
    #3 Lincwaro's Enchanted Shield 0_1454201292525_Screenshot (46).png
    #4 Lincwaro's Enchanted Chestplate 0_1454201316920_Screenshot (45).png

  • New Chestplate of Acid. 0_1454367969858_Screenshot (59).png

    Recently figured out that the armor itself actually matters. So GTFO leather. (Do you think the color's are good with the set?)

  • Necrobump <3

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