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  • Americans

    why would u need a backpack and keys, and stuff in the marketplace in the marketplace? I also feel a private server for the marketplace is a stupid idea and a waste of a vps.. no offense nolly.


    it'd rarely be used but there's no downside to it...

  • Americans

    you could put it in that store above ;3

  • Americans

    New idea!


    For the marketplace server, what if it had a vault ui thingy like the merchant. Where you can scroll down your thousands of pages, to chose the one you want, then you would drag out of the vault machine ui. It would have a search option for you to find items easier. Would be much cooler and easier than a vault. Let me show you it ;3. You wouldn't be able to put items into it though...

    0_1473673217654_New idea.png

    Thanks so much bad for letting me use your pics for this, :3


    - Search your item making it easy to locate

    - Scroll bar for all chests to be in 1 chest

    - No waste of space searching!

    - In marketplace for easy getting items, to place on market


  • havent you ever been at an avatar when someone calls out shaitans and of course you go. when you come back to the realm the ava is dead and you wonder whether or not you got a white bag?

    I suggest that white bags have a marker on the map, like a quest or something. That way, if you have to leave an event because you almost died or something, then you will know whether you should go back for the white or just move on to the next event.

    Comments criticisms complaints?

  • Lovecraft

    @Bilore any damage you did resets when you leave that map. or you can simply multilog with other acc.

  • I dont want to see this in game I HAVE TO see this in the game.

    That you can choose what kind of monsters to show up in ur quest.

    Like i want to hunt ents but im lvl 20 and i see only cyc gods etc. so i write /quest ent or smthing like that and change what i see in my quest like its rlly annoying when u want to do bellas and u tp to a dragger and get insta popped or smthing this would help or just add 2sec imune to everything when u tp.

  • Lovecraft

    @EmiukasHQ not happening. everyting you said is not happening. quests selecting would ruin pristine/phoenix price and idk maybe there is a thing called "paying ent caller" or multilogging. immunity been discussed alot during godmoders now simple answer is get good...

  • @FakeGharr Its not happening ur english is just not happening.

  • Lovecraft

    @EmiukasHQ sadly kiddo it happened already bc you are first one in these forums to complain about it now go cry somewhere else grammar nazi.

  • A pvp mode
    1rs idea is like you spawn in a realm whit 20 players, you get your items and you fight the other players whit it, when you kill someone then they drop he,s gear in the grownd

    2nd idea is a L.O.L kinda pvp mode

  • 🎁Burger's Item Service🎁

    @tkgas_mapmaker Or just no?

  • Lovecraft

    @tkgas_mapmaker pvp mode makes server real laggy a pserver tried it and it lagged like mad

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