Unknown Bug

  • Don't know what bug this would be, but it was quite annoying considering time and items lost.

    I was on a fresh archer, roaming around leveling up. I just reached level 12 and continue making my way to my next quest when the client suddenly logged me out and when I logged back in my archer was missing and in it's place was a new and fresh "create a character" slot. Thinking, "Uhh…double u tee eff, where is my archer?" I checked the different tabs and found him in the graveyard saying I was slain by a 'Medusa'. How is that even possible?

    One minute roaming midlands quest to quest; Next minute insta-logged out and upon re-log, presented with a dead character.

    In-game name is, hybrasil.

    Items equipped: Blood bow, golden quiver, griffon armor and, para attack ring.
    Items in inventory: dex pot, def pot and, spd pot that a friend gave me when he tp'd to me a couple mins before my client crashed.

    Any insight and/or consolation?

    Thanks in advance.

    (screenshot wasn't showing in post so here it is uploaded to imgur)

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    @Pwki and that is a necrobump, nice job there m8 4Head

  • @Mysterious said in Unknown Bug:

    @Pwki and that is a necrobump, nice job there m8 4Head

    And i am the necromancer

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    @Pwki No.. You're just a total idiot for "reviving" something, that didn't even live.

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