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  • RE: Nilly has spoken

    Basically this successor will be the new owner of NR. Will have the ability to create their own staff and manage the game in the way they feel is appropriate. I will remain as an adviser and offer assistance when needed.

    As far as paying for the server. Probably the easiest way to go about it is to continue to fund it through the Patreon page. I will cover any deficit up to a point if the Patreon page doesn't fund enough to pay for server costs. Going forward, I will not be taking any money from Patreon and any excess cash over the server costs will go into a pool for use by the new owner in a way he/she feels appropriate.

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  • RE: Been away for a while, need to get caught up

    Just an update. Life been fucking me hard so I haven't had time to do much. Probably going to choose a successor to run NR and manage things while I work on the core server. That way you guys are not always waiting on me to do something.

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  • RE: Been away for a while, need to get caught up

    Updated OP with issues/info I found relevant.

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  • Been away for a while, need to get caught up

    This thread will be a log of current issues with NR that need to be addressed immediately.

    List of issues:

    • Duping - Need to know how it works. If someone could detail the exact method, I'll provide a fix.
    • Marketplace bugs. Also a part of the duping problem.
    • Server administration changes. Server needs proper maintenance and care.
    • Limited server resources (memory issues).
    • Godmode. There will always be an issue with godmode, I will look into it however and see what can be done.

    These problems will take longer than 2-3 days to fix. What I plan on doing is start working on transitioning the server over to the NR-CORE source. Get it working as best as it can, disable marketplace and start the server so people can play. Then start hammering out the issues above.

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  • Server will be offline for a few days

    Need to assess the current duping situation and provide a proper fix. Then a wipe will be considered if necessary. I'll post tomorrow with further info.

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  • RE: Downgraded servers

    Laggy server = downgraded server? If that is what you think, you assume too much. The server was never downgraded.

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  • RE: Monster Not Moving

    Behaviors haven't been added on the server as I was more interested in testing other stuff at the time. It's been 2 months or so since I worked on the source. I may/may not get back into it.

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  • RE: remove character slot?

    I'm leaning toward agreeing with the people who are reacting negatively toward this, although not in such a salty manner. I know that it may be an ease of life thing for you but I don't see having so many character slots as a massive inconvenience or issue, no one else sees how many you have, you don't need to look at them

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  • RE: How does +Luck items work ?

    Loot drop potions give the equivalent of 50 luck.

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  • July 2017

    July 1st

    added summer vault 

    thanks @Hoyt

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