How to Priest?

  • How do I and what should should I do to:

    1. Use the Priest class to its full potential.
      2)Have good gear on a Priest.
      3)Max stats on Priest (what order should I max?)

    Thanks for the help! :D <3

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    Mundane Priest.

  • In my mind, I was thinking that a priest should have a Wand of Recompense, Tome of Purification, Shendyt of Geb, and Ring of Nile.

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    Ok Waterflame,
    You should have two swappable tomes on him and I personally prefer condu/cwand, cwand on hi def, condu on low def.
    The robe should be the shendyt.
    And the ring should be the ring of boiling lava.
    You can use any tome, but I prot and the geb one looks good.

  • @Pyroflame I agree with the wands and tomes
    but i would have purification for like oryx when he puts so many status conditions on you

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    I'm not going to be behind you always saying what to do, so you CAN do whatever you want.
    Do you like the ring?

  • Yea. That is a good idea.

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    Since I see survivability as the most important thing when choosing sets, this is what I think is the best:

    • A Tiered wand + Cwand. All you'll ever need, you don't have to buy those fancy wands, pointless.
    • UH Tome + Prot + T6/T5. Only the T6/T5 + Prot is needed imo, since UH Tome isn't necessarily needed as much.
      UH Tome is used for the large heals and purification effect. Comes with a large MP cost so I don't recommend it as your main tome. Prot is alright I guess, because of the armored effect, decent heal and okay MP cost. My favourite tome is the T6, pretty good heal with an extra healing effect makes it very useful in a many situations.
    • Shendyt (Or just a T13 is fine if you don't want to spend a bunch of fame.)
    • UBHP (Or Exa HP.)

    It's a great survivability set.

  • @BudderBud57 Nah you should use the pure tome at avatars because at oryx is u get hit with like 1 status then use it, but if you get hit with all then its basically game over.

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  • @goldenfreb You should have read the rules before anything else. I'm giving you a warning and you're first citation.

  • The Love shack

    Wand: High tiered and crystal/Condu
    Tome:Prot and UH
    Robe: Shendyt
    Ring: Reactor/Nile

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    Alright, since there's so many sets already, here's how to use priest:
    Step 1: Step back and keep your distance from enemies.

    Step 2: Focus on healing yourself. Only heal others when you have a lot of mana, because it could mean life or death.

    That's it! Have fun!

  • I re-rolled a priests and got some good stats, and in 1 day I got 3/8. My trick is to buy ur def pots from market(it's not expensive if you have 1k fame lying around). Next, just run the godlands through and buy 3 chests slots for the def you don't need. Drink every pot you find, but not def. Store def into your vault and once your done, buy gsorc, t12 wand, t6 tome, and exadef. If you get a full chest of def go to market and sell for 20 def (people buy that stuff crazy fast xD). Once you get 2/8 on any stat, farm the tombs and drink em life pots. After you get 3/8 on def,life, and a stat, you are OP. Just repeat this over and over.

    Play dat priest like a offensive pro now! Go to realmeye for more info(don't ban me)

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    @TehNoobSZ priests are hard to farm tombs with tho.
    Easiest way to farm tombs is to use a class with aoe ability to hit all of the bosses and do significant damage.

  • @LagoonZz I just got 3/3. Cwand , and a PUBLIC tomb. Some wizzy got 0/3. IF you're decent at tombs, its easy to get 3/3 doe . -Just my thoughts-

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    @TehNoobSZ yh but the easiest way in my opinion is to use assasin and go to all of the sarcs and stock up inv with mp pots that drop and just spam spam spam the ability. Guaranteed results.

    results may vary

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    Why are we replying to someone that hasn't been on in a month.

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