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  • Hiya,
    Doing a quick search, I couldn't find anything on this topic. It's not a game-breaking problem, but whenever I chat during the loading screen, the game gets stuck on "connected" part and then I cannot progress. I have to restart the client in order to play again. It would be nice to simply just disable chat abilities during a loading screen.

    Now, how it happens is pretty simple. Sometimes I type something to guildies or even to general chat, hit a dungeon and then press enter. Stupid mistake, I know, but something that could be avoided. Especially irritating if doing /nexus and it registers twice, thus I have to restart the client again. If it's just me, then I would like to know a way to fix it/disable it.


  • Like you said it could be avoided, so I myself would just avoid it myself. I enjoy being able to type like /realm if I enter the wrong dungeon, I just be careful but I see where you are coming from

  • @HibiscusSorc I don't know, but even when I type /realm when I enter a wrong dungeon, I get stuck in with the connected screen. Then (as I'm not a donator) I get to go back and wait in the queue. From my experience, simply if I type anything on any loading screen (leaving dungeon, leaving realm, etc) I get stuck and have to restart.

    Yes it is avoidable, but it is irritating, and I don't see the point to have chat during a loading screen if it just freezes the game.

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    Omg I thought it was only me who had this problem, I would get so pissed of when I would accidently type something


  • @HibiscusSorc Actually that's just you since you're actually dumb enough to change the R key in your keyboard to a /nexus macro.
    I don't think everyone here has followed in your footsteps.

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    Don't type anything until you can see your character loading in. It's a glitch which sometimes leaves you on the "Connected!" screen forever if you try to type while loading. Just wait before typing, otherwise you could end up in a several hour queue.

  • Uh @iole actually I use the standard r key but if that is your hotkey you get queued :kappa:

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    @HibiscusSorc I cant type normies now to the spam guys.

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