Adobe Flash Projector problem.

  • I uh.. Seem to have a problem! I wish to record Nilly's Realm. So I picked up my fraps and realized that it would not record from my chrome. So I got Adobe Flash Projector. Which ended terribly. I cannot full screen and i'd like to because man it's nice to see. Anyone wanna help? The edges are all kinds of messed up :(

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  • @loudman42069 that only messed it up more when i tried it ;-;

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    Could you send a screenshot of what the screen looks like? It would help a lot, that way I'll be able to fix your problem.

    Try doing /fs and see if that helps when trying to fullscreen. I don't know if that'll help though.

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    Which device are you on?

  • 0_1466293164300_upload-5ecdfe90-4823-4b08-89a4-cd266f1c8008 thats how it looks

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    @Prism Does it look the same in-game? If it does, I'm not sure if I can help since I haven't encountered that problem or noticed anyone else with that problem.

    Does this only occur when you're recording/have Fraps open, or does this happen all the time?

  • @Wizardism In game (ill just explain cause queue is terrible) The inventory is to towards the mioddle of the screen and you can see ground beside it. Its like the the screen doesnt fit.

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