I want to donate, is it still disabled?

  • Hey! So, today, after sitting in the que for about 2 hours waiting to play on this amazing server, I thought to myself, boy do I want to donate. Naturally, I went back to home, clicked the link to donate and! ... Found that it was disabled. 9 months ago. At least, the post saying he will not be taking manual donations anymore, and will setup an automated donation system. Is there any plans for this system? Or do I have to painfully wait through the que each time I want to join...?

    And if it isn't disabled, where and how do I give my money to Nilly's Realm?

  • Trading Moderators

    You can't donate yet, it's disabled.

    He'll probably just open up donations again when he needs them, but you'll have to be fast about it.

  • Famous Forumers

    Yeah, and try to not be gone the entire day they're open xdd
    (Yeah im still salty about that)

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