Does using abilities such as Scepter lower chance of loot?


    I'm a new player, and recently on the forums I saw someone say that sorcerer is not a good farming character because using the scepter either lowers or doesn't count as soulbound damage (?). Is there any truth behind this, and is sorcerer still any good as a farming class? (My main is a sorc right now)

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    @iCEMC This isn't true.

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    @iCEMC Dude, I used a fulmi once and i got a freaking white bag without having to shoot at all. What you talking about? xd

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    @iCEMC yeah thats 100% false.
    It just happens to be that the loot threshhold is very low, so you do not need to get in a lot of damage to have a chance at some loot (e.g. in an oa i was just in, only a couple of shots from the spellbomb actually hit thessal, and i got a cbow), so some people think that you actually have a higher chance of getting loot when you use worse equips - not true, but some people still do it.

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