Wand of Broken Thoughts

  • Sprites made by me
    0_1466381129670_wandszão.png Wand 0_1466381140722_protejteice.png Shot

    Wand of Broken Thoughts: This wand was built from hum core of magma can destroy everything around

    Tier: UT
    Shots: 1
    Damage: 100-100
    Range: 9
    Rate of Fire: 140%
    Stat Bonus: +5 HP +5 MP +2 DEX
    Fame Bonus: 5%

    Drops from:
    Phylactery Bearer at a rate of 0.01 (1% or 1/100)

    Why is this item is unique and balanced:
    White line: Wand of Pristine Environments
    Orange Line: Wand of Broken Thoughts
    Yellow line: Wand T12
    Blue Line: Crystal Wand
    As you can see in the chart it has an average damage compared the most used wands but it has no special effect it will only be used in times that were against bosses who do not summon creatures.

    XML of Wand:
    <Object type="0xaf6" id="MLG WAND 2016 JPEG">
    <Description>''you like me?''</Description>
    <ObjectId>Robot Attack</ObjectId>
    <ActivateOnEquip stat="0" amount="5">IncrementStat</ActivateOnEquip>
    <ActivateOnEquip stat="3" amount="5">IncrementStat</ActivateOnEquip>
    <ActivateOnEquip stat="28" amount="2">IncrementStat</ActivateOnEquip>
    <DisplayId>MLG WAND 2016 JPEG</DisplayId>

    ''Thanks google translate for turning my Portuguese into English''

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    This won't be a great addition to the game, just because:

    • The wand can be easily swaped with Wand of the Phoenix, wich has 100-150(Average: 125) Dmg with the same range as your wand. Your wand is a lesser version with stats.

    Therefore, there is no uniqueness on this wand. You may want to check some things and check also here(http://nillysrealm.wikidot.com/item:wand-of-the-phoenix) to compare your wand with Nilly's Wands.

  • Trading Moderators

    The sprite: The sprites definitely need a lot of work. The wand doesn't look like a wand, and the projectile doesn't look like magma. The shading needs some work.

    The description/name: The name is fine, but the description doesn't make sense. It's difficult to read and is missing words. ( Ask someone else to help with the description, since you are Portuguese? )

    The stats: Does this weapon pierce?

    • Yes? If so it's just an upgraded version of a tiered wand.
    • No? It's an upgraded version of a phoenix wand.

    It doesn't have anything situational about it, it's just a straight up upgrade which drops fairly commonly from very easy enemies. It even has stat bonuses on top of this.

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @Wizardism ur wrong on the part "Does not pierce?", its a lesser version of phoenix.

  • Thanks for the constructive criticisms. I inform better next

  • Trading Moderators

    @xlindowlx No, I am correct. Only at 76 Defense is the Phoenix Wand is better.

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