• Hello ....
    Can you do Overdamage?
    I just bought a Doom Bow ...
    And getting realy maybe a wis pot. No rly Tops on Oryx.
    No whites ...
    But if i come with normal - good stuff i'm getting more ...
    So Doom Bow is only usefull in Prod?


    It's only luck, as it is in prod. There is a minimum damage, and once you hit that there is a chance that you could get drops. It is all about luck after you get enough hits in, and if there are more players it's less likely to drop you -- as an individual -- loot

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    Overdamage doesn't exist. That's just a myth. Almost any amount of damage will get you loot on this server.

  • Is it normal to get in solo cland nothing with dbow in bosses? After 3 bosses i lefted only pbags

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    @PhantoYi Yes, that always happens. It's not meant to drop cyan/blue/white bags all the time.

  • And another thing.
    I've done a sprite with 2 other people.
    One was wizzard with t0 Staff
    Other was a pala with Ravenheart Sword ...
    Got 0 they all got a dex.
    I hit all my shots. So where is not the Overdamage.
    If i do it with normal items ... i just getting more loot.
    I am at the end selling the DBow ...
    If there is any overdamage then remove it or something dk.
    Going to buy a cbow

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    Cbow has higher DPS than dbow mostly.
    "GL with your looting."

  • But i got so many times cbow and better loot with it ^^

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    See? Even with higher DPS you're getting loot.. But sometimes it's problem. When you do more than 50% of dmg in group, sometimes you just won't get loot.

    Overdamage doesn't exist. That's just a myth.

  • its all luck, i got my 1st cap sword on a lvl 16 wiz with t8 staff, cant get shit with a warrior with ent log. wish me luck, i need it.

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