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    The Citation System

    Disclaimer: This isn't in any way against forum mods and what they do. Keep being great.
    TL;DR: I don't quite understand the Citation System. I think there should be changes, but I'm not sure what should be changed. I'm sorry this is REALLY long.
    -Please understand this is a discussion and I'm simply speaking my mind on the Citation System. I want to know more about both how it works and how people feel about it. This also is likely a vent of frustration I have with the Citation System.

    Alrighty, so I'm going to go talk a little about the well-known citation system. Roughly around 2-3 months ago, Moloch introduced the citation system through his new 'rules' topic. The citation system was created to stop shitposters and others who avoid following the rules. Well, in a way, you could say it is doing its job correctly. It does help ban shitposters and keep the forums clean, but I think there is a major problem with the system. Well, for one: It's avoidable.

    The citation system topic that Moloch created already states the biggest problem with it: It's not a threat to shitposters. If a shitposter gets banned with the Citation system, he/she can simply make a new account and keep up the shitposting. It means a lot to people who have earned up a reputation, but not to somebody who doesn't care about their reputation. Who do you mostly see shitposting from? People who don't care at all.

    The first citation is pretty much a 'second chance'. the second citation is a 7 day ban. Once you get to the third, you're history. "Well how to you get rid of these citations and clear your name?" You may ask. Well unfortunately, you can't remove citations. Mess up three times and you're out. That means your history is stained with a citation. Even if you were simply replying to somebody else, you too could be in for a citation. Call somebody else out on necrobumping and tell them they shouldn't do that? Based on what I've seen, you and him both get the citation.

    I thought to myself of a way to fix this, and I was having a hard time thinking of a fix to the problem. At first I thought the system should store all the citations in one pinned topic. The list would show everybody who's got a citation and every month the 1'st citation will be removed. If a person's entire goal was to shitpost, by two months they should already get enough citations to be perm banned. This is to protect active members of the community that just might accidently screw up once. I'm going to advise IP bans, but due to the fact they aren't already being used, I think theres something wrong with them?

    Next 'I' think the citations should work like:

    • 1st: Warning and name added to the citation topic with reason.
    • 2nd: 3day IP ban. Topic edited to state their new citation with reason.
    • 3rd: perm IP ban. Topic edited to mention their new citation with reason and add their name to a list
      that shows anybody who was banned through the citation system.


    The topic could also be used to report other players without annoyingly PMing or waiting to PM. "How about the people who are avoiding the bans by simply creating new accounts?" Well, this is the part where it gets hard for me because I don't know how much somebody can try to prevent this. I think IP banning would be justified If they really want to shitpost. The only problem I have with my version of the Citation System is people might take a pic or something of your citation on the list and make fun of you for it, but I guess thats more reason to avoid breaking the rules.

    If you disagree with my idea on the Citation System, then why? how could it be improved?
    Think of this topic more as a question than an idea proposal, while still having discussion about the CS.
    Keep in mind most of this post probably just comes from my own ignorance of the Citation System. If ANY Information here is wrong, please correct me in a post below so I can fix it. I for some reason feel nervous about posting this, but I'll hopefully get over it. If I 'remove' anything, I'll use the 0_1466492102283_upload-de7725c0-90e1-4f96-bf8e-7b6de2d34750 slash tool to indicate it wasn't true.

    I got most to all of my information from the rules topic created by Moloch.
    EDIT: If there are any typos PM me what is wrong.

  • Seems reasonable. I haven't had a run in with the citation system yet, but it seems like a basic necessity to have it record IP's and ban when necessary, especially with the situation you brought up (Making new accounts)

  • I agree. I would have to think that the system should be one week after you get your FIRST citation it goes away. your second one is a two weeks. So it could kinda make those people be more careful about what and where they post.

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    @Pringle said:

    Call somebody else out on necrobumping and tell them they shouldn't do that? Based on what I've seen, you and him both get the citation.

    I've never experienced this, and I've called out a few people for necrobumping. I don't think that's correct.

    A large flaw I see with the current system is that when people come back to shitpost with a different name, they still get another 3 citations before they need to make a new account. I mean, if we know it's the same person then why not ban them again if they only created the account just to shitpost more?

    In my opinion, if they come back only to shitpost right away they should just be banned without warning. They just don't deserve 3 more citations for every account. If they instead come back and actually start contributing/helping the community only then should they be given the 3 citation system. Then, their account will have a lifeline incase they mess up along the way.

    Just my thoughts.

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    I don't have much proof behind that other than one, but the forum mod quickly edited his post and fixed the situation after realizing it was a mistake.
    I've heard people tell others to not reply to necrobumpers a month back 'because you might get banned' but thats all the background I have behind that.
    Either way, if its not entirely true then I'll remove it. thanks a bunch.

    Reminds me of when Imustaquit came back after his '2nd citation ban' and came back just to pretty much shit on the forums with around 4 stupid posts. Thats kind of why I suggested an IP ban instead. Sure it won't keep everybody out, but it will stop most idiots when nobodys on to take care of them.

    I definately agree with you with the 'they don't deserve 3 citations thing'.
    It goes without saying the citation system isn't dealing with them. I wish there was a way to stop shitposters before they clog up the forums with their toxic nonsense.

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    1+ but i think the only annoying shitposter that keeps coming back is Weps. Colaaaa was annoying but he wasn't anything close to Weps, Weps would shitpost really low quality and bad shitposts that are cringy and cancer.

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    @"its-That-Guy." For the most part, I have not had many run-ins with weps.
    The only times I've seen him is when he tries to come back just to piss off the forums for about 3 hours and then he goes away for a few weeks or months.
    Before the citation system kicked in, I used to make some... stuff. I have to admit I was in the wrong before, but after realizing how easy it was to publish shitposts to the forums, I realized just how boring all the shitposts actually were. Its just either bland memes or a slightly witty joke if you're lucky.
    The trash with weps was just 'Ex dee you succ boi I'll fok ur fam maan' garbage that probably took around 6 seconds to write. (It actually took probably three times longer to impersonate him than it took for him to come up with that on his own)
    I knew a bunch about Cola since he was the big shitposter around that time. Even before the citation system existed, he'd still avoid bans by simply making a new account. Just goes to show you things have not changed that much when it comes to shitposters.

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    @Pringle he made 11 accounts till now

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    @"its-That-Guy." You would think something like that would make them IP ban him.
    But oh well I guess.

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    @Pringle nice dik size

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    @TerminalFive Thanks for being a fine exmaple.

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    @Pringle love ya bb <33

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