Lag and why Im thinking it happens.

  • Lately. I have been noticing a lot of lag. It could be my computer. It could be my internet, but everything was fine until a few days ago.With recent server shutdowns (Dunno why they do that. sure for good reasons) but im beginning to believe its coming from the arenas. People open those things all the time and all go to high rounds inside them. Once you get so high and with so many people being inside it could possibly cause lag like this inside Nillysrealm. I also think it might just be the traffic. Even though on Sunday (Fathers Day) even when there wasnt many on it was still laggy. I think its the arena. I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts and if there are any higher ups around the forums right now i'd like to hear what you think too.

    I realize I didn't go too in depth. I am only thinking this due to the fact that every time an OA happens the server terribly lags and or shuts down soon after. It also seems that whenever OA's go into high rounds (of course) the OA would lag extremely. So im assuming that carries to the server as well. It also seems to be effecting dungeons too. I have been in a few dungeons where a ton of people would leave due to an OA spawning. Its taking the game down a bit. (One day ill make a post about that but i'm not going to spam. I don't want DrWhen to kill me.) The game is about dungeons, but when 10+ people leave a dungeon for an OA its ridiculous. It also doesnt make it fun when you are doing a dungeon with 4-5 people and two good players leave for an OA. Or be jerks because you didn't do the dungeon fast enough for them to get the loot here AND the OA.

  • Only reason we still have OA is because of me. I can remove it if everyone wants. It will help a little with the lag but it won't fix it.

  • @nilly first off. Im about to like lose it cause my lord and savior responded to my post. Secondly. I was just trying to see if everyone else was finding this to be a problem and their thoughts on the situation. On what all causes the lag and if OA is a small part or big part to it, and how they think it affects the playing of the game :)

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    Not only lags the server but ruins the economy and makes the game far too easy...


  • @nilly Please nilly remove OA its not only because of the laag, because of the economy too. It will make it a bit more stable when OA is removed. Just pls!!

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    @nilly I, for one, wouldn't mind if the OA was nerfed.
    As much as I would support that idea, there are many people who will defend it until their last dying breath.
    On the other hand, I think people only defend OAs for their massive loot in take. Play sorc, huntress, assassin, ect. and you get loot like crazy. I think the entire concept of the OA isn't bad, but I think it should be nerfed. I think the drop chances are too high and they are overall boring. I think less gods should be spawned inside the OA and more lootless monsters should be spawned in. In its current state of existance I think its a fun thing to do every once in awhile, but it shouldn't be so easy. When I say its easy, I mean both to do it and to get loot from it.

    Why do 35 dungeons, when you can sit in OA, get free loot for doing little to nothing and get it all in less than half the time? I don't really want it to be removed because I still think its a fun thing that brings players together, but I don't think it is balanced. Hell, even before you get to the point where pheonix wright spawns, you might have 800-1k fame in your inv already (likely more if you've been pulling your own weight). Plus, I think the OA should have more variety with hard bosses. Around wave 10, I would like to see the Fanatic spawn, and around wave 25 Bedlam, God of Chaos should spawn.

    Uhg, I typed a lot on a single thought. forgive me.
    TL;DR: It's too easy and laggy, but its a really fun way to bring the community together. Too much trash mobs are spawned. And the trash mobs that are spawned are too easy.

  • @Pringle I say there should be a limit to how many rounds there is. To limit lag and how much loot you get.

  • I want to die

    or you can lower the drop rates in oa

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    lights had an idea about balancing OA minions/bosses from an old thread which I still like to this day. I'll post it here so I don't have to necrobump the old thread:

    @lights said in Why EXACTLY OA's should be removed/revamped:

    My full suggestion to rework OA:

    Currently, Oryx Arenas are too long. The beginning waves award too much fame, too many white bags, and are too boring. Also, the later waves, which are supposed to be challenging, are stalled out by easy bosses like cube gods and skull shrines. Lastly, the minions that are not events don't get progressively harder as the waves increase. Deadly minions from other dungeons also don't even make an appearance in the arena. This rework suggestion attempts to fix these issues while still making OAs rewarding to open and attend.

    1. Tiers:
    The new OA spawning system is going to work in tiers. The event for the wave is chosen from the tier the wave is on. The minions for the wave can be chosen from tier 1 - current tier.

    Waves by tier:
    Tier 1: 1-2
    Tier 2: 3-5
    Tier 3: 6-10
    Tier 4: 11-15
    Tier 5: 16-20
    Tier 6: 21+

    The minions and events spawned will be separated into these tiers by difficulty.

    Tier 1: (Easy gods and minions)
    Ent God
    Flying Brain
    White Demon
    Sprite God
    Slime God
    Mini Bot (The one that confuses)
    Rampage Cyborg (The one that explodes)
    Haunted Spirit (From buffed lichs)
    Card minions (Queen)
    Tier 2: (Hard gods and harder minions)
    Ghost God
    Fishman Warrior (From OT)
    Giant Squid (From OT)
    Spiders from CDepths
    Enforcer Bot 3000 (Lab)
    Bedlam's minions (Asylum)
    Henchman of Oryx (Wine Cellar)
    Tier 3: (More deadly minions)
    Brute of Oryx (Oryx's Chamber)
    Jackal Lord (Tomb)
    Stone Mage (Shatters)
    Stone Paladin (Shatters)
    Asylum Guard (Asylum)
    Asylum Nurse (Asylum)
    Tier 4: (Incredibly dangerous minions)
    Sea mare (OT)
    Lion Archer (Tomb)
    Boshy minion
    Stone Knight (Shatters)
    Fire Mage (Shatters)
    Blobomb (Shatters)
    Tier 5: (How are you still alive?)
    Ice Mage (Shatters)
    Ice Adept (Shatters)
    Fire Adept (Shatters)
    Archmage of Flame (Shatters)
    Archmage of Ice (Shatters)
    Tier 6: (Last tier)
    Blizzard (Shatters)
    Inferno (Shatters)

    As for events,

    Events by tier:
    Tier 1:
    Red Demon
    Tier 2:
    Dr. Terrible
    Tier 3:
    Cube God
    Skull Shrine
    Lord of the Lost Lands
    Tier 4:
    Tier 5:
    Bes, Nut, Geb
    Phoenix Wright
    Son of Arachna (with eggs)
    Tier 6: (These are designed to be impossible)
    Phoenix Wright + 10 bloated mummies (The ones that spawn scarabs in tombs)
    The Forgotten King (If it's even possible!)
    Cube + Skull + Bes (Armor broken = death)

    So for every wave, the event is chosen from the tier that the wave belongs to, and the minions are chosen from tier 1 to the tier that the wave belongs to. For example, if I were on wave 12, I would get an event chosen between Bes, Nut, Geb, and the Kid. However, I might get some white demons (tier 1), medusas (tier 2), and lion archers (tier 4) in my wave. But, I will never get urgles (tier 6) in my wave.

    The tier system will diversify waves and shorten oa's, which would make them a more fun and exciting experience.

    2. Rewards:

    The rewards need to be scaled accordingly to match this new system.

    Tier 1: Gumdrop
    Tier 2: Tincture
    Tier 3: Pot
    Tier 4: Effusion
    Tier 5: Key
    After each wave of tier 6, you will receive a chance of these items:
    Jeebs Key, TurKey, Tier 13 Reskins

    What are T13 Reskins, you may ask? Well, they are reskins of T13 Weapons / T14 Armor that are arena-exclusive. They are soulbound to show your courage and mastery of the oryx's arena. I am not the best spriter, but I gave a go at the dagger.

    So that's about it for my idea! If you have any questions, comments, or criticisms, that would be awesome! Please post them or pm me!

    ( Idea not by me :arrow_up: )

    If that would be a large task then I suppose we could have a trial period to see what the server is like without the OA, then decide whether it's worthwhile to remove it or not?

  • About the trails... maybe they could be carried out on core? (BTW i do not play core)

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    @nilly There is no lag just may be he's internet, and I get no lag and I'm from australia

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    @ImWattsy There is lag, and a lot of it. It stacks up over time as well.
    Have you been in the realm or Oryx's Castle when an OA is happening? The lag is unbearable.

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    Many people claim to get lag when playing Nilly's Realm, but I rarely get any: and I run 32bit.
    For some reason lag isn't experienced by some, but for others it is.
    I do, however, get lag during OAs, Oryx's castle, and Dwaggy assassination attempts. That is normal server lag.
    Then you have lag coming from loading the game, which doesn't really happen in nillys seeing how simplistic Realm of the Mad God is... or thats what people think. Particles, Graphics, and Character shadows are all things related to this kind of lag. I'd advise turning shadows off because it nearly 1/3rds all the player and projectile related lag, and lowering graphics also helps with this problem. Then there is host lag which you can't do anything about, but I don't think Nilly's host lag is that bad at all plus I have not gotten any problems related to it.

    Then again I don't know too much about lag.

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    @Pringle another thing to add is that the larger the mscale, the less lag because the screen does not have to render as much, and if you play on flash projector, you can click on view and select low quality which can help reduce lag on your computer - not server lag tho

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @LagoonZz I strangely get opposite results from Mscale than you.
    The larger the Mscale, the more I lag. That is strange.
    (Not to mention it seems like my shots go past enemies in most scales under 1.)

  • Infamous Forumers

    @Wizardism No because I'm in the OA xD

  • 27

    @Pringle wait by larger mscale you mean if you type /mscale 1.2 you lag more than if you go /mscale 0.75?

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @LagoonZz Both, tbh.
    0.75 is laggy and 1.2 is slightly less so, but strangely more laggy than 1.

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    @Pringle wierd... normally I use 0.8 for regular glands farming and 0.5 if im in a dungeon like tombs or oa's where I can spellbomb and stuff.

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    Plz, remove OA0_1466594596092_687474703a2f2f66696c65732e67616d6562616e616e612e636f6d2f696d672f69636f2f7370726179732f353464383733336563326135302e706e67.png

    So guys, take your sick equipment and farm whites.

    • OA is removed

    Now, you can sell your farmed whites expensively. And guess what. No one cares.

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    @Prism Ive had the same problem.
    I can't even double tap items in inventory at some points

  • Plebs

    @nilly said in Lag and why Im thinking it happens.:

    Only reason we still have OA is because of me. I can remove it if everyone wants. It will help a little with the lag but it won't fix it.

    Noooo keep it

  • @Prism Yeah I've noticed a huge amount of lag in the last few days more than others, but I don't think its the OA as you're suggesting.
    I have been playing for a few hours today with no OA and there has been almost continuous lag (not like the patchy lag we used to have every 10 secs)

  • @NoahTheBoa (thanks for the upvote bby) anyway. Ive been trying to think why this would cause lag or possibly shut down the server if thats what its able to do. I would have to say that each OA that is opened spawns a realm-like area. So that the gods and so many people can join in at once. In a dungeon not that many people could really be in there without mega lag. So after contemplating on what could make this happen I came to at least one reasonable thing. OA's keep going until the last man is standing right? Well if you think about it. Eventually it crashes because people go too far.Could that cause the crash? It is a simple possibility that an OA could overload the server forcing into to shutdown due to the overloading in sprites, people, and bosses all in one place. A small place even along with the abilities people use like huntress traps and scepters could possibly make this happen too. BUT! I don't look at the lag or anything that an OA can cause because I'm not a high ranking member. Nilly and others are the only other people who could possibly even figure it out.

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    @Prism Dude.
    Im an upvote god.
    I upvote almost everything
    (Be good an cornholio might gift you with more upvotes)

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