Hi I am new to Nillys Realm. Please tell me anything to get me started.

  • So i just started Nillys Realm and i went into the marketplace. I wanted to go to the nexus so i pressed by nexus hotkey and then i went back to the queue. :/ So how do i go back to the nexus without joining the queue again. And what else should i know that will not send me back to the queue.


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    Check out this page: http://nillysrealm.wikidot.com/info:commands/true
    That should give you all the basics!
    Welcome to nilly's!

  • @TheOne /nexus takes you to the nexus, /realm takes you to the realm, /marketplace takes you to Market Place and so on.

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    Needs to be a /kill to suicide...

  • Ahh I understand thank you. Also another thing, i just died and then i have to pick a character and then when i click play i go to the queue. Is that supposed to happen? If not then how can i avoid it because it sucks waiting again. Tho i do really like the fame system and the new items and such.

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    @TheOne well... Your gonna have to deal with having to wait in the queue every time you join, die, press the key, or want to switch chars. Unless you donate of course.. But it's closed right now.

  • Is their anyway to return to the nexus without pressing the hotkey. Other than having to place /nexus in your chat.

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    @TheOne nope...

  • @TheOne Another helpful tip is to start with a long range. I started knight and had a hell of a time. :)

  • @TheOne Another good way to nexus without doing /nexus or the nexus hotkey is doing /oa, it takes you back to the nexus after saying something like "Invalid reconnect key" or somethin'.

  • I know its a bit annoying but u can just type /nexus, highlight it with cursor and press ur Ctrl key and 'C' key at the same time to copy. If u ever want to nexus, just press enter to open chat bar up, press Ctrl + V at the same time and it will paste the command. Then press enter again and Hua ah~ ur in nexus. Derp o_O

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    Welcome to NR, game, where lag kills players. And they are salty as hell..
    Bunch of crybabies lol, i didn't say that.
    Game, where you can't deal dmg higher than 50% (in groups), cuz your loot will be ruined..> Also getting white with priest, using T0 wand is very common, so plz, dun spam.
    Begging is the worst thing you can see..
    Marketplace - the only zone, where beggers live 24/7..

    Welcome to forums, page, where shit happens. And WE'RE salty as fuck.
    You can make items, enemies, dungeons etc. right here.
    But items aren't good enough (mostly), so your chance is lower than 10%.
    Also don't be 2 serious here.. Atleast in Whine Cellar. WC is for Sarcasm only.

    And now, reposting some gud shit. (lol, yes, do long posts)

    nillysrealm.wikidot.com/info:commands - use this for sick commands

    • Never teleport to light blue star calling jeebs or rare dungeons
    • Wanna sell something? Ask for price.. Selling Hellfire robe for 2k is a dumb move.
    • Don't beg for fame or items. People will ignore you, and you can be muted.
    • And don't do things like Wales did. 0_1466335993137_getbanned lol.png
    • Also loot system is changed. Getting white with priest using T0 wand? Please, don't spam in chat.
    • Making new thread? Please, read rules.
    • Shitposting, spamming, necrobumping.... Is banable.

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    Alright, lemme show you the "preloaded nexus technique"

    Copy /nexus
    Paste it into your chat bar
    DO NOT press enter yet.
    Click away from your chat box.
    When in a pinch, press enter twice.

    BONUS TIP: If you're in a really tight spot, use your nexus hotkey, /nexus has a tiny delay that can be enlarged with lag. Sure, you'll be sent to the back of queue, but would you rather nexus and wait, but still be alive, or die and still have to wait.

    Also, I'd be happy to help you with anything you need, PM me ingame, my ign is DrVoorhees.


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    Welcome to Nilly's just play like rotmg and the currency is within fame

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    Learn to use your macros, damn.

    U can set it to R, 1 or on your set like G1 - G5.

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    @Jack-the-Trump Or you can be on the forums at the right times and then donated to two different accounts so you have 2 donator accounts and no queue :)

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    @LagoonZz I don't play NR often. ^^

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