ok, wth

  • I went into a tomb as a lvl 1 archer, did all the sarcs got to lvl 8, and did the 3 bosses, Somehow i got 3/3 White - Magic Novel Staff. Somehow i got 3 life pots from each boss and the staff from bes, wth. How? is it like a low lvl luck rate?

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    Some people think you start off with 100 luck at level one and it goes down to 0 at level 20.


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    @AstralLink You did sb damage and got lucky. That's all there is to it.

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    lol, your chance to get pot is 90%+.

    But white needs some luck. You were just lucky..

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    @Jack-the-Trump Man, if I didn't have to rush in to get my items, I would've shown you what I got on my level 15 wiz.
    1/3 Nile Neck

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    You were just lucky boi. Happens to all of us.

  • I got the stuff using t0 quiv and bow

  • So i tried it again as a level 20, using t0 bow and quiv, i got UH staff and shendyt. I call the t0 Gods to shine on meh! give me da solid 3k+ free fame ! I think its just overdmg on UT and High tiered items if thats even a thing, if overdamage is even a thing? Idk.

  • you were lucky you didnt die lmao. that and the fact that white bags come and go every now and then. maybe you give a good succ to rngesus, idk.

  • I wasnt really worrying about my death, cuz i stayed back most of the time, because ik how this bow works like how it shoots, while i still cant get the hang of the Flaming Boomerang. XD

  • yea that boomerang is whack, i could never get the hang of it lol

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