Option for hiding certain items for sale in marketplace.

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    This statement I am about to make is not to offend people, point anybody out or anything else and not to go against the rules. I think there should be a option to disable certain items from the marketplace. I think it would help from the problem against people trying to sell things for a shit price. Things like a t3 item going for about 2 billion fame is unacceptable.
    I will go over the pros and cons.
    Many items that you want to see will show up quicker
    You wont see shit items
    You don't have to wait fot a certain item.
    Decrease lag(minor)

    There may be empty spaces whwre a object would be
    May forget to turn off if you want a certain item.

    Im still thinking positive feedback only please. Thank you

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    @SpookyHero wanting positive feedback only is a tad naive.
    The purpose of creating ideas is that people can judge them and repond in a way that they will feel will benefit the idea.
    If you do not allow people to add their own ideas just because you see them as 'negative', you may miss out on a vital idea that could change the way this works and make it a whole lot better.
    Also, theres a huge amount of cancer on these forums as you would have seen, so no matter what you say, people are likely to criticise your ideas as they see fit, which is what you should have been expecting when you originally put your idea out onto the forums.

  • @LagoonZz this is all true, but what about the actual feedback on his post. personally i think it is a great idea. you wont have to spend time running around dodging all the shitty low tier gear if you dont want to. itd be like setting the star requirement to filter chat, except youd be setting a tier requirement to filter the market.

    +1 from me.

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    @sheeeit yeah i agree with the idea itself and i think its a really good idea, or that they should just have an automated system where you can just type in the name of the item that you want and then the cheapest available one of that item appears in the list - although that may decrease the novelty of needing a marketplace as all you would need would be a section where you can either buy things or list things.

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    It would probably be much easier to remove the ability to market T0-T7 Weapons, T0-T3 Abilities, T1-T8 Armors and T0-T2 rings.

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