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  • If i save up some save money for a wizzard set (Uh staff+ T6 Spelll + Gsorc + Pyra) and i wear this set, i become nothing on oryx no whites nothing ...
    And then i see a guy with oa key and full bag with 2 new tops and old tops.
    He have a t8 staff and t0 spell ..
    I buy Dbow , i get nothing... nothing in oryx .. same like above
    i buy me something but getting 0

  • Please someone explain this dude RNG(esus) + low SB threshold.

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    @PhantoYi as some people consider, "Noobs or Noob Items get easy loot". I don't know why, but it seems like it. I guess when you start, you just have a better chance of getting stuff. :( sorry bud.

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    Doing too high DMG = nothing.
    Doing too low DMG = nothing.
    Doing average SB DMG = loot.
    Doing average SB DMG + luck = little white chance..

    Overdmg is a myth. ~Wizardism

    And he is right, I've got hellfire with Doku..

  • Whats wrong with doku?

  • @PhantoYi you saying that shows you just have a small brain.

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    Doku does really high dmg with maxed att and dex.
    And people are saying, that you can't get loot with good weapons..

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    Uhh.. You made a thread about this a few days ago.

    Anyway, overdamage doesn't exist, more loot/luck at lower levels doesn't is a false rumor, worse gear=more loot is also wrong. You were just unlucky. The only reason that it seems like you get more loot at a lower level is simply because it's more noticeable since it's unexpected.

    Here's what I mean:
    Level 20 gets a few whites: Oh, some whites. Cool.
    Level 5/person with trash gear gets a few whites: Oh wow look at all these whites! Guys look!

    They simply make themselves more noticeable, no one really pays attention to the lv.20 who gets the whites since it's expected. On the other hand, bad gear/low levels aren't expected to get good whites as much so they're really noticeable when they do. It's just a psychological trick.

  • yea i get 0 whites, whether im 0/8 with shit gear trying to max, or im 8/8 like right now either way. maybe i sinned too much for rngesus to forgive me and bless my unlucky ass with a white bag. oh well, the hunt is on.

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