How to use the Snipping Tool (Windows)

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    Feature(s) may be ⊞Windows exclusive.

    Ok, let me just say it is annoying to see pictures getting posted from websites like Gyazo or others that do not work with the forums ability to just show you the picture. If you own windows then you likely have snipping tool as an already existing app on your computer. I'm going to explain briefly not only how to use the Snipping Tool but also the benefits from using it rather than other websites.

    Note: Almost all of the images you see here I took directly from my desktop using the Snipping Tool.
    Any other images where created by using Windows Screenshot by hitting your Windows Button ⊞ and your Print Scan [Prt Sc/Sys Rq] button. If you choose to do this, all you got to do is go to your screenshots folder located in your pictures folder, drag it out, and edit it if you need to. This can be dragged not only into discord, but also on the forums aswell.

    The snipping tool can be acessed using the Search option in your windows button in the bottom left or right (by default) of your desktop. It should look something
    like this: 0_1466650498173_upload-25c3a570-784c-4f11-bbca-757b1f068293
    If it doesn't look exactly like that, then don't worry. I simply changed the look of it.
    If you own Windows 10, you may have a bar next to it. You can use this instead: 0_1466650556043_upload-d07ded86-1dd5-4d49-a996-e2e8c13cba76
    Next you can simply type in 'Snipping Tool' and you should get a result that looks like this: 0_1466650661732_upload-7949e1f2-7a1e-4cf1-a51f-a38cbcf82f89
    That is exactly what you want. All you have to do is click on it. The Snipping tool should pop up and now you can start snipping out images all you want.0_1466651336898_Screenshot (166).png

    New lets you create a snip. Simply click on it, move your mouse to what you want to copy drag over what you want a picture of, and then you'll be able to copy and paste it using Crtl + C (Copy) and Crtl + V (Paste).
    You can also save the images by clicking on the purple floppy disc. Before you do that you can click on the pen and eraser to edit it before hand. Just understand if you write over anything out side of your picture, it will include extra white to match up where you drew at. Don't worry too much about Delay. It really isn't that important.

    Ok now that you know how to snip, I'm quickly going to go over the advantages of snipping.

    • People are less likely going to ignore your images.
    • It looks more professional.
    • It is super easy to do and only takes around 5-10 seconds.
    • You can pin it to your desktop. 0_1466652190119_upload-d9cdfbb8-979e-4223-9f6a-5a1ff3988748
    • Doesn't rely on a website.

    Well there you have it, you are now a snipping master.
    If you do not have Windows and can't take snips or windows screenshots (First off how did you make it this far into the topic?) then I'm sorry this guide didn't help you out.

    Anyways, I hope this helps you guys take and post images!

    (If there are any typos or problems with this topic, please PM me so I can fix them)

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    Great Guide, +1.

  • 27

    Does it work for win7? * lenny face *

  • I'll have to do a mac guide for us mac users.


    @Jack-the-Trump I have used this on my school computer, and I am sure that it it is windows 7 or older.

  • Good but useless guide.
    You have to be pretty retarded if you can't figure the snipping tool out on your own.
    And you should make an edit for Mac users. The equivalent is Cmd + Shift + 4. The picture will be saved on your desktop.

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    @iole or cmd + shift + 3 to take a pic of your whole screen

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    @iole And don't forget wine bottler ;)

    0_1466735989683_Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 10.39.21 PM.png

    (yes i know i can edit my posts)

  • you know, it can be much easier you use a program like gyazo to take a screenshot, because you can easily pick how big/small you want it to be, and in the same sense 'snip' off the extra shit, all in 1 go.

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